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Seeing as he has an rts background, maybe they are working on a new Warcraft rts or a new ip all together. Cant say I agree with a lot of the design decisions in d3 but I do wish jay the best on the new project.
Good luck in everything you do Jay, and may God bless and watch over you :)
Best news for D3 yet!
^ That's completely uncalled for. Yes, we can disagree with the places Jay took D3, but there's no reason to attack him personally.
Damn 5 years experience directing games and shipping AAA products. They don't kid about high standards :O

So I guess who's developed over an awesome game in the last 5 years? There's likely only a handful of people qualified for this job..

This would be the only thing stopping me from applying... lets get some fresh blood here people...
I am still shocked and amazed by how some people think around here.

If you really pay attention to the forums you realize the problem is there are different expectations from different groups of players.

Some of us love that fact that you can easily swap out skills -- while others loved the older tree system. Neither of them are wrong -- I personally think the D3 team went with the right approach and so do many others that still play.

RMAH was an interesting experiment -- I understand why they did it -- they wanted to keep the community safe from the black markets that would have exploded over without it.

I love D3 -- is it the perfect game? no. But I can say one thing - people are very passionate about it.

Point I am trying to make is -- Jay Wilson and the D3 team want to make this game enjoyable and fun for everyone -- which is a very strong and tall order to ask for since there are different expectations from each side.

You can't blame Jay because some particular game features in D3 are not exactly how YOU want them to be.

I think it sucks he had to leave that position -- I think he wanted to make right with the fans but the worst of them made it impossible to do so by rejecting him from the start. Ashamed of what some of the vocal community has become.

I enjoy seeing the constructive well thought out posts and changes they would like to see implemented -- but the the straight up troll hatred towards the developers and the D3 team is pretty unbearable sometimes.

I wish you the best. Ignore all the ad hominem bs on here, that's all it is. Yes, people have legitimate complaints about this game (as do I being a D2 veteran), but overall, I appreciate your effort and candor.

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