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May you have a nice way.
Good luck and thank you.

I have great appreciation for what you have contributed in development of diablo 3. I wish you the best in your future. Good Luck
Ask George Lucas, its impossible to live up to nostalgias expectations.
Took some gall to be reassuring us this won't hurt the game. This letter should have been contrite, but it's just more "there's no typhus in our city" nonsense.
I hope they sent him work on Starcraft ghost or Warcraft Lord of The Clans :P
I am still shocked and amazed by how some people think around here.

If you really pay attention to the forums you realize the problem is there are different expectations from different groups of players.

Some of us love that fact that you can easily swap out skills -- while others loved the older tree system. Neither of them are wrong -- I personally think the D3 team went with the right approach and so do many others that still play.

RMAH was an interesting experiment -- I understand why they did it -- they wanted to keep the community safe from the black markets that would have exploded over without it.

I love D3 -- is it the perfect game? no. But I can say one thing - people are very passionate about it.

Point I am trying to make is -- Jay Wilson and the D3 team want to make this game enjoyable and fun for everyone -- which is a very strong and tall order to ask for since there are different expectations from each side.

You can't blame Jay because some particular game features in D3 are not exactly how YOU want them to be.

I think it sucks he had to leave that position -- I think he wanted to make right with the fans but the worst of them made it impossible to do so by rejecting him from the start. Ashamed of what some of the vocal community has become.

I enjoy seeing the constructive well thought out posts and changes they would like to see implemented -- but the the straight up troll hatred towards the developers and the D3 team is pretty unbearable sometimes.

you kind of miss the point...
this game is still called diablo, it is still a sequel, it is not "wow light" or a new brand. expecting a certain diablo-esque feel is just a logical consequence, but - however - there is little to none! rename diablo 3 to "titan 1" or whatever and you are good to go with all your changes. when i first heard about the "auto-level-up feature", i certainly raised an eyebrow. i asked myself how it character-development would go in a diablo-way if the game was designed that way - rightfully so: it just DOES not work, it's like an even more simplified version of wow. also the cooldown and everything borrows from MMOs but not from any of the diablo series.

it is like if the new hitman did not offer you any ability to hide, did not offer you any way to silently work your way towards the target but actually forced you to kill everyone on your way. some players might actually still like a game like this, but naming it "hitman" misleads people expecting gameplay & feel of the original series.

just as pointed out earlier: after the first few patches diablo 3 went from bad to decent. still, all the fixes feel like quick-and-dirty approaches to repair a broken system. if the fundamental mechanics are lacking, there is no way to patch things. so yes, for me and most of the diablo community this game is not only a huge letdown but was ruined by design decisions that were obviously made by someone who DID not meet the qualifications mentioned in the most recent job offering (that is, actually KNOWING anything about the diablo universe).

to conclude: there is nothing wrong in liking the game - but at the same time, looking at the whole thing as objectively as possible, this is not a diablo game. and it was a diablo game we were waiting for, not yet another dumbed down h'n's.


just one thing to add:
the REALLY sad thing is the success of diablo 3. it was blizzard's reputation and the brand that got people buying it. in the end it's all about the profits - and diablo 3 almost certainly did well enough in that regards to be called a success. with a CEO that hates games numbers are even more important than satisfied customers. one can just hope that at some point in time this whole fiasco will backfire.
I'm bemused by the number of comments that suggest that the community doesn't have it right when they focus their blame on this employee, now leaving the project.

The leader of any project is not necessarily directly 'responsible' for everything that happens on the project, but they ARE 'accountable' for the decisions and direction.

Jay, you've left the D3 project, and it's still not even finished. You rushed out a pvp product that simply checked of the final 'to do' box on your CV, so that you can move on.

Here's some logic for you. If the arena pvp system "didn't have the depth to keep people playing" and didn't satisfy Blizzard's standards as an entertainment product, why the hell did you decide to CUT IT DOWN into this dueling system, and release that? Hell, it's not even right to call it a dueling system. Its a one-arena free for all with zero depth, or balance. Bottom line is, surely this pos doesn't meet Blizzard's high standards. Dueling is actually randomly fighting someone else wherever you want out in the world. Go play WoW and duel someone there, and you'l get what 'Dueling' is. /facepalm

Either that or your being moved on, as people suggested, by Blizzard FOR making incredibly contradictory design decisions like this (not to mention the absolute PR nightmare you must have been for this organisation). I mean the absolute nonsense comments I've heard come out of you, or your supporting CM' mouth are rediculous (and lets face it, CM's are your mouth to the players). 'We don't feel pvp gear really meets what the diablo franchise is all about' ? Srsly? And you think the RMAH meets what the diablo franchise is all about? You think not having LAN play meets what the diablo franchise 'is all about'. Get real!

I recently celebrated my 16 year anniversary of being a fan of the Diablo franchise. I'm still here hoping this game reaches its potential. Believe me it really DOES have the potential, as the base gameplay IS great. It's all the bullcr@p that got lumped on top of it that hasn't worked out so well. I can't believe you dedicated 7 years of your life to this project, and you still couldn't finish it. You were either out of your depth in the arpg genre, or you are more suited to work on non AAA titles.

Lets both hope you learned something from this, for the sake of whatever you move on to.
Thank you Jay for everything! Respect!
Jay, I pay you my respects. You did a great job on D3. It is truly a great game.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.
sure Jay you 'tried' but not every effort is enough.. Glad to hear you will be leaving as game director for D3 but the damage has been done, the person replacing you will just have to clean up your mess. GG Jay wilson.
too little too late. what this game needs is a complete overhaul, which would really surprise me if it happened, given the amount of money some people regrettably spent on it. I sincerely hope the lesson was learned from this hole fiasco. Better luck next time, Jay.
Can I have your gear?
Lets all face it... the game is not dead and it certainly won't die without a fight. It has a great canvas to work with, now it just needs reworked and brought back to life!

Add 5% (at max) proc's to all items in the game... as a 7th possible category... so they will stack to 50% if you find em all! Chain lighting/freezing/fireball/ shielding anyone!?

So many possible neat things can be done now. I'd like to see a new stat called "Zealotry" which will make all monsters within 10 yards attack you... this would be a barb tank staple and be pretty neat for group games where you are supporting glass cannons and have alot of thorn dmg... Just an idea.

Example Helmet
200 Str
150 Vit
80 Ar
5% crit chance
5% chance of Zealotry
2000 Damage returned to "All attackers" Ranged and Melee

this would be godly and so fun if you found 10 with % (rolls would range from 1% to 5% or 5% to 10%... something like that

this ^
Someone have to make a thread with the list of things that we want back to the Diablo series.


Someone have to make a thread with the list of things that we want back to the Diablo series.



Is that a 5 or a 6?

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