Seven Years in Sanctuary

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01/18/2013 01:25 PMPosted by BodaciousVA
Ask George Lucas, its impossible to live up to nostalgias expectations.

Its very possible, ...but give me a break the new star wars movies (while digitally stunning) had nowhere near the depth and excitement of the original movies. Special effects aren't everything; D3 is a classic example of that...
thanks god hes gone, time to revive the franchise!
Just checking back, is he gone yet?
Maybe we can get randomly generated map environments now.
01/18/2013 02:12 PMPosted by BastardSword
he is gone but game still sux, how about that?
Patience my boy, patience... :)
this is a nice patch.
good riddance lol
So which game will he ruin next?
Como faço para se candidatar à cargo de diretor do D3? Aposto que este jogo nunca mais seria o mesmo com minhas idéias.
More ban waves. Even if you get one botter out of the loop everyday that would help. If they like to cheat then let them go cheat on another companies game.
01/18/2013 02:00 PMPosted by Aeroheart
thanks god hes gone, time to revive the franchise!
What are you talking about, noob?
Goodbye Jay, you did your best. Time for some fresh ideas. If anything D3 was a learning experience.
Thanks for the hard work on this game, easily one of the best i have ever played.
Good luck on your next project :)

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