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I think you did a good job on D3 and it is a shame that people dont have respect for the work you guy's do.I am no cpu genius and i can only imagine what it takes to put a game together.Anyway good luck to you sir.
Take care.


To whom ever ends up in charge, Some of us DO LOVE Dekard Cain. Just sayin...

Jay: It’s one of those things where if you love a game, then the things that are bad about it become endearing. Everybody remembers Deckard Cain saying, “Stay a while, listen.” But the reason they remember it fondly now is because it was so damn annoying! He said it every time, and you had to talk to him so often!
01/17/2013 12:54 PMPosted by Dinkster9
Respect the decision, good luck

Anyone honestly believe he did this by choice? The sheer number of times he messed up (like telling the original creator of Diablo...) and the sheer number of people who complain about this game, upper management probably just had enough and said no more.

He got a promotion, and this is what his thread are about.
01/17/2013 12:54 PMPosted by Dinkster9
Anyone honestly believe he did this by choice?

Dude, it's so obvious, come on.
well done sir.
This news is 100000% better then a patch..
Thanks for trying Jay!

Job Posting: Diablo III Game Director

Qualifications: Must have a deep understanding of what made Diablo I and II popular with players. Must be willing to make any and all necessary changes to the current game iteration, regardless of effort and time needed (large changes may be implemented in the first expasion pack). Must have the ability to steer the game in a direction that is more consistent with the wishes of the player base. Must communicate with the fan base in a timely manner. Must have the ability to recognize/provide innovation and implement it in Diablo III without sacrficing the essence of the Diablo series. Must be able to prioritize game changes properly, including but not limited to making quick quality of play fixes.

Skills: Will have played Diablo I and II many times and have an intricate knowledge of all gameplay and itemization elements. Ability to coordinate several projects at once. Proven problem solver. Proven computer programming creativity and innovation. Expert communicator.
He should be fired. Before Diablo 3, Blizzard was known for the quality of their products. When it had the name Blizzard on it, you knew right away it was a good game. Now, I'll read reviews again before buying any of their games.

Problems of Diablo 3 at release:
- A lot of stutter on very high end computers
- Terrible ping, some people could simply not play for the first weeks
- Bad balance, the items you need to beat inferno act 1 were found in inferno act 3-4
- Bad legendaries, not worth finding
- Inferno was not hard, it was cheap. Everyone was dying all the time, not because they didn't have the skill, but because there was just no way to outplay/outmicro the ennemies.

Diablo 3 was released full of flaws. It was release full of flaws because its director decided to change the game's mechanics over and over again for no reason. His staff could simply not follow because he would change his mind too often. So even after 7 years of developpement, the game was released almost as a beta. I'm sure there is other peoples to blame for Diablo 3' poor quality, but Jay Wilson is one of them for sure.
gg hit and run
Quick, someone @Blizz call the old Blizz North staff and give them the news. After they stop laughing offer them a job to fix this.

Luck Jay and I feel that d3 is getting better and better (was pretty bad on release).
Don't worry about the hater's there on every game fourm
Thank god. I hope whatever project he is on next is some cheesy iphone casual game crap where he can gurp suckers with micro transactions, not warcraft 4 or w/e

He needed to go, and let this be an example to other developers who try to skew a game into some wow prototype.

Hope you get fired as opposed to shafted to another project, you had your go, you screwed up, now you leave and go to EA, where you belong.
01/17/2013 12:56 PMPosted by CrazyNRG
Stepping down without a replacement ready? Odd.

Only see this happen when someone gets fired.

Clearly. Jay caught some nasty backlash from this PTR.
This is me right now:

Maybe the game has a chance to get better now.

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