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gsus awesome news for dIII :D i hop he will NOT work on titan :X
Good Luck Jay! Hope your future games are as great as Diablo 3 is!

That said - new blood, new direction, revisiting some prior descisions, sounds like just what the doctor ordered for the game right now.

Really, and truly, best of luck! Thanks for the years of work you put into this game.
shouldnt of called some one else a loser after giving up on a game that was just starting to see some improvemnts since launch. just saying. best of luck to u jay in the future. no hard feelings i put a lot of hours into this game and as much as i dont like certain things with this game its still a better game then most of the crap that gets released now a days.
01/17/2013 01:48 PMPosted by XZero
That dude that made d2 was a hit at that time (after LOD expansion) but he didnt make anything brilliant after that, the arpg industry went bigger and most new projects are lame (look what happened to TL2) still there is a chance that d3 could improve but its gonna take a new lead director with no fear to risk and keep the game profitable at the same time (something hard to achieve imo).

David Breivik didn't work on TL2.

Also what exactly happened to TL2?
It is alive and well. Sold over 1 million copies which is a big success for such a small company.
TL 2 also had a dueling function since release oO
Gl, hf Jay, we will miss you and your ideas, but please...

01/17/2013 12:06 PMPosted by Thermite
Brace yourselves, the Barb nerfs are coming.........

Tell to the company to dont nerf barb please
Posted by DeadRu

You guys should hire that "loser" from Blizzard North for the new game director.

Why so he can bring back the dupes,hacks,bots, and exploits he gave us in D2.

I don't think you can assign much of the blame for that to the game director, unless he was also in charge of the actual writing of the software. D2 was Blizzard's first time creating a server based RPG where those kinds of issues can destroy a game, so the software team probably didn't realize how fanatically careful they needed to be in making sure duping and other hacks would be an impossibility. I still don't understand how they never fixed duping after all those years, but the fault for that probably lies on the people who actually wrote the software.
we will not miss you
It was my New Year wish ;)
7 years is a long time on one project (i've been there) and i can imagine how difficult it is to step away from, but also appreciate how refreshing it must be to look to new ideas and environments. so best of luck, of course.

while i may not agree with all the design decisions that have made D3 what it is today i agree that there is a great team behind it that are striving to improve it every day so i see a positive future for the game. and it's positive not because of your leaving, but because of the team you surrounded yourself with during the game's formation and development.

D3 has shown me that i'll probably never buy any future blizzard games, mainly as i feel the influence of Activision (profit > fun) has tainted the creative and technical force that used to drive these projects. i do however intend to play diablo III as long as it continues to improve, and continues to be enjoyable.

there's an interesting few months ahead for this game.
here's to the future.
Good luck Jay. I hope that they find a good substitute for your position, and please let it be someone that is already on the team or a Blizzard employee, because hiring someone who isn't in the company will hurt the game IMHO. I hope things stay as they are and Diablo 3 continue being polished into a great game.
Thank you, Jay. I truly enjoy the game. I started playing D2 when I was 19 years old, then back to D1, and now D3. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a game as much as D3. My wife who doesn't really play computer games is also a Diablo fan now.

Don't worry about the negative comments out there. One thing we know for sure is that, you can never please everyone.

Good luck in your future endeavours.
Please don't send this man to Titan unless you want another failed game on your hands.

I vote Wyatt. He's contributed a lot to this game and was behind some of the best re-workings. He also communicates on the game forums, which we all appreciate.
01/17/2013 01:52 PMPosted by Semune
We don't need someone who will cater to everyone, we need someone with the mental capacity to make systems that are as complex as D2 and Path of Exile, not someone who wants to make World of Warcraft - Diablo Edition.

i pity the man who will take the lead on D3 team
and i hope is someone as described in quote
And now you too have been Jay Wilson'd

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