Seven Years in Sanctuary

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Good luck in the future, Jay!

(Im looking forward to seeing who the community will blame now)
I understand all the time and effort you put into this game over 7 years and a lot of the people here will not appreciate that work as they are themselves children, yes a lot of things were done badly and the RMAH essentially ruined this game, but this was a design decision and didnt in fact ruin anyones life, so the best to you sir in whatever you do in the future and no hard feelings, well from me anyway.

I think this will be beneficial for both Diablo 3, and Jay Wilson.

Lets hope so.
quitter :(
Show some respect, people.

thanks for your years of hard work and best of luck in the future.
I don't agree with the design decisions, but I'm a medic, not a Dev.

I hope whatever you do next works out for you though.
I hope that the whiners have not influenced your decision.

While I think that this game failed to live up to my expectations, I do not feel it is a bad game nor do I feel that much of the criticism directed toward you (or the rest of the team) is deserved.

I played 400+ hours on my barb alone and have 5 lvl 60 characters. Not many games without a monthly sub have that kind of staying power.

There are many decisions I do not agree with, but the outright hate you have had to face is really disheartening as to the state of humanity.

Good Luck in whatever you do.
01/17/2013 12:12 PMPosted by Godhimself
Please don't destroy any future franchise :(


Good luck, Jay ;)
Good luck.
omg i will miss this guy :/
I am so happy. Oh my god guys, you cannot believe how happy I am. I'm gonna go donate $200 to charity like I promised.
Show some respect, people.

thanks for your years of hard work and best of luck in the future.

Why should we be obligated to show respect? just curious.
Thanks for comin out son'
Best new of 2013
01/17/2013 12:13 PMPosted by CrazyNRG
Time to re-hire Blizzard North staff and makes this game in to the real Diablo 3 it should of been Blizzard.

Torchlight 2 was/is a terrible game.

No thanks

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