Seven Years in Sanctuary

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You probably tried your best, but IMO your best wasn't good enough. Its exceedingly difficult to live up to a legend like Diablo 2. I hope the future brings brighter prospects for both you and for Diablo 3.
I recently stopped following Diablo.. Now I will have to least keep an eye on it..

Seems like Hope is in the Air!
Good luck to you.

Ruined my day :((((.

Please don't leave thinking we didn't appreciate your effort!
crying =( of Happpines!!1!!!!! yeah!! :D;D:
I personally think the accountants nerfed Jay Wilson GL& HF
Jay Wilson has a barb on his avatar. I'm not even surprised.
rip in peace
01/17/2013 12:21 PMPosted by Peempo
call kripp

Make sure you only work on new projects from now on. Try not to shake up anymore franchises that are already established.
Time to re-hire Blizzard North staff and makes this game in to the real Diablo 3 it should of been Blizzard.

This would be awesome, but i doubt it.

After Hellgate: London, I don't think I want anything the old Condor crew has to offer.

And after their drama-filled walking off the job that left Diablo 3 flapping in the breeze, I don't think they would be rehireable in the first place.

Anyway, it should be interesting to see who Blizz hires/promotes to take Jay Wilson's place--and whether the community howls for his or her blood too.
If possible, I respectively say good riddance. I think you can contribute a lot to upcoming projects Jay, but you are not ready to be a lead developer -- we found that out first hand. Anyways, I'm not going to drag you through the mud any further than that; god speed.
Best of luck in your future projects Jay!
Still can't believe this...

I guess our voices do matter after all....

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