2b and i made it to top 100 NA.

01/18/2013 07:37 AMPosted by PhamineZ
no way you only paid 2b for that set. sorry, but you're full of it.

im glad u valued it higher, believe it or not that is truth it only takes patience and skill, uberjagger can confirm this heh.

your helm alone was what, 700m?

btw what do you mean by #97 americas? i see nothing in your profile that comes even close to that claim.
by the way nvm about my 2b comment. i see where the 2b went.. into stacking dps.

even though you'd be 1 shot on mp7 ubers.

have fun with that.
To all the people that think their worth somthing or "ranked" When your dead in Mp 10 your dps is zero. "Hey bro cover me while I drink a potion"
got a lot of haters here. I don't see why they are affected so much.

good on you pham. :D
DPS Unbuffed: 37.17
world: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)
Americas: 50K+ (barb: 50K+)

Only wearing a belt, pants, and boots.

Where is your profile gear? I see 3 items.
yeh, that was just a project i wanted to do to see how high i can go in dps with the limited budget.
i've replaced most those items though, but thats the ss that shows the stats. Ohh and the haters are just mad because it cost me 1/2 of what i they spent on theirs and i still owned them. The funny thing is they cant comprehend that 3% ls from passive + rend is all that is needed for sustain :P

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