New GG build- Nexus of Doom

I have not run this build with my 2.73 SNS breakpoint gear yet, I typically run 1.75 APS with Sickle and Tal's source. But if you have 20 APOC you'll never run out of AP to blast away.

The next thing I am trying to figure out, is whether this out-DPS's Archon on paper (75% Dynamo + 20% Cold Blooded + 20% Time Warp + Frozen Storm damage.
I do run out of AP with 2.73, I think 2.3 or smth may be better for this build.
the problem is LL breakpoint is at about 2.47 APS for having 6 out at a time vs having 5. so your AP engine suffers if you dip below that, but channeled spells start to exponentially OOM you when you get to higher attack speeds.
I was having no problems with 1.75 APS. To run this build effectively you need 55% CC and 20 APOC.

Alternatively you can use -Disintegrate cost items but these give lower EHP and/or DPS over more typical items in those slots.
very fun build ! sns gets old after 40k elites. thanks for the mix up (:
It hurts your fingers/wrists a lot less too.
How do you deal with the lack of EHP from not using armor for defense, like crystallize or pinpoint?
You have Ice Armor's 12% melee damage reduction and it either chills or freezes whatever melees you. But your main means of survival is 650+ All Res (same like you would use for SNS) and Life Steal- my Sickle has 2.7 LS, Blood Magic is another 1.5, for a total of 4.2 LS which is enough to keep me up through Desecrator. You have Frozen Storm constantly dealing damage and the damage from Disintegrate hitting everything + 75% Arcane Dynamo + 20% Time Warp + 20% Cold Blooded + Shards is a lot of life return.
this looks like a very neat build. i will try this out some time.
I like this build. I don't think it faster than Shaggalicious though. I do my normal act3 run in 32 min with Shaggalicious while Nexus of Doom takes me ~40. 1400 whites ~50 elites (MP6). I'm running identical gear with both builds (190K dps my sickle, 20 apoc, 2.15 ias and teleport to escape frozen and move fast) wish frozen storm stacked then I think it could take over.
This works but I had a few problems and I think entropy rune on disintegrate works better.
Everything you do is close range with this and 196% consistant cone dmg is gonna do more and allow more chances to let off DS. I use teleport calamity it moves the monsters back to the max range of entropy and allows me to position myself better. In the end though, this was just for fun and I don't see it being too effective vs other things.

I ran this on mp6 and did ok then tried mp8 and couldn't down elites effectively!gTW!cYccca
Chaos Nexus does more damage than Entropy and will get you more procs as each splinter beam multiplies the proc coefficient. Also don't use Chilling Aura- use Frozen Storm for extra damage + CM/APoC procs.

Calamity however you can use, it's more valuable than Shards if you have a LS weapon for both damage + life return. In 1.07 I'll switch Shards for Calamity and Illusionist for CM- I've run this on the PTR already.
Having tried this build, I think I too prefer Shaggalicious over Nexus of Doom. Still it's a very solid build and probably performs better than Shaggalicious for wizards with slow attack speeds (<2aps) and high crit damage.

On a different note, all I can say is that it's awesome that there are finally a set of competitive builds not centered around either Wicked Wind/Frost Nova or Archon, but instead Living Lightning+Arcane Dynamo.
Yeah if you've got over 300% CD with 2 APS or below this works very well.

Ive yet to try this with IAS Chant's set at 2.73 WW breakpoint.
I usually run LL/AD/Meteor and the only elites that i ever really find annoyingly difficult, sometimes, like in that way that makes you want to think about using other builds, is RD+Waller, simply because i rely on LoH instead of LS.

I was mucking around with Disintegrate instead of Meteor a little while ago and it's quite fun, especially against trash, but the one problem i had with it was now both my spells are neutered by Waller instead of just one of them.

So, how do You deal with Waller?

Oh, and i realise you can cast LL along side a wall and it will hit things on the other side, i imagine Chaos Nexus could benefit from this in the same way, but it's still hardly ideal, and new walls popping up every other second don't help!
Back the mobs up against their own walls. It's easy to do this with Frozen Storm and Slow Time, easier if you are using Calamity, then pound them.
01/23/2013 01:04 PMPosted by DoctorDoom
Back the mobs up against their own walls. It's easy to do this with Frozen Storm and Slow Time, easier if you are using Calamity, then pound them.

Cool, fair point, i imagine Disintegrate would still function pretty well in that kind of scenario... and you are relying on LS more than LoH so you don't need LL as much yeah? You'd need pretty good EHP to tank like that though surely.

Reckon that gives +1 to Archon though, since the beam can breach walls, for your comparison :)
I have minimal LOH from my helm. I can get more from my Blackthorne's pants that I never use- so the recovery is from 4.2 LS (2.7 on sickle + 1.5 Blood Magic).
so if im not mistaken entropy rune does 196% dmg cone and chaos nexus does 170% plus 44% to each other mob. So Assuming you're fighting lets just say 3 mobs wouldn't 196%x3 be better than 170%+44%+44%? or am I misunderstanding something. The issue of course would be if you could actually hit everything effectively with short range skill and if you could easily keep arcane dynamo up (since it's easy to stay back and clear the screen on 1 arcane dynamo instead of moving around)

btw I really like using frozen storm
Entropy was put to bed in a previous thread, it needs a buff.

Hitting a target with primary + secondary beam is 214% damage + greater proc chance.
Nexus will hit stuff behind you too. No other rune is worth using in every situation. The exploding death rune only works for trash and Nexus kills faster.

Intensify is only marginally better at long range with a Skorn and cast cost reduction but that has no place in this build.

Once you see Nexus in action blasting everything on the screen simultaneously you'll see.

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