New GG build- Nexus of Doom

Can i use my current gear for this?
HP and CC looks a little low, also what's your weapon? Its not showing in profile. You will need 20 APoC to sustain the beam properly.

Try it on whatever MPs you use Archon on first.
I finally got around to trying this out, seriously fun build man, nice change of pace, was rocking MP7 with 160ksomething sheet dps
check me out, doc -- can I use this build at least at MP6??
Deth- it works better with 20 APOC but give it a try- Sever works well with it. I see you have a -5 SoJ should be good with that and APoc from your source.
I'm interested in the build. But can I make a request. Can you please post some gear specs. What should we be looking for. Also does this build just do away with Attack speed? I skimmed the link about using slow weapons and Disintegrate and getting a longer beam. Does this still hold true?
It's been known for awhile now that more attack speed = more Disintegrate ticks per second and hence more DPS. You need 20 APOC and around 50% CC to sustain the beam properly.

You want as much attack speed as possible but you don't have to stack it like CM/WW as there are no breakpoints.
02/28/2013 07:23 PMPosted by DoctorDoom
more attack speed = more Disintegrate ticks per second and hence more DPS.

Can you explain to me why would more attack speed do more dps?
If you don't use proc stuff like magic weapon electrify, of Shocking aspect, then i don't agree.

Problem with your build is, that is close range only. In long range you do really little dmg.
You force yourself to not move. (AD+disintegrate). You have low mobility.

I like to see a video how this build performs in mp6-7 again herald of pestilence groups, or act2 wasp elites, or the fire ball splitting chamion/elites in the vault.

As for the disintegrate - nexus question: it is 170%+44%x3. It there is 3 target, the secondary beams automatically chose one.
If there is 1 target (like the last elite from the pack), then 170+44x3 will fire in the same target. Yes it is more then archon beam (302%).
I use Shocking Aspect now, won't ever drop it.

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