cm/ww - cm/sns; EF and trium friendly?

so while i was busy trolling the lower forgotten difficulties of d3, i came across people chatting in the general chat regarding cm/ww - cm/sns wizards (top wizards as per them) using EF and trium.

now it's clear that cm/ww - cm/sns = chant sets; but has anyone really tapped into black weapon/trium for those build?
Yes, they're called archons and ranged wizards being lazy hybrids and not getting a second set to do higher MPs for their CM builds...

No top CM/WW Wiz would bother with that, EF is completely terrible for the spec - sorry. The only other alternatives are IAS+WW Dagger or Slorak's and you better be very very geared to pull those off without being bad.
I have tried it yes.

Madness wand is better imho or ASI sword.

Also +% elemental has diminish returns. After tal ammy and storm crow my offhand is better in terms of dps verse elite not to mention i get vit and tele reduction and ~15 more ar.

I have a black ASI sword, 1.55 APS 6% energy twister. Its mostly for team play, because it puts me to 263k unbuff but i have no leech so i have to swap and i need monk speed aura or ring swap to hit 2.5 breakpoint.
so even with blackie and triumie, you can still get a 2.5 aspd? that's interesting
I ran with a black weapon + triumvirate when I was first gearing. I didn't switch to Chanto until I went for the 2.73 breakpoint. IMO, if you don't care about ubers, a triumvirate will work fine, preferably with a high dps max IAS dagger. I haven't seen much difference in single target performance between 2.5 and 2.73 breakpoints, so with 45-50% crit I can see dropping to the lower breakpoint while raising char sheet dps and having it result in higher eDPS. I've even been tempted to swap back but I think I'm 1-2% IAS short of keeping over the 2.5 breakpoint after losing IAS from OH and helm. You can always just swap to an IAS chanto, maybe with the IAS bubble buff, to hit 2.73 for Ubers.

EDIT: 51% IAS with a max IAS (11%) dagger will result in 2.5 APS breakpoint, for reference.
I best maybe a double AS + socketed echoing with low fear % just in case of fearing in between freezes, but with that cost there's really no point other than added elemental damage which would be almost negated by the lower breakpoints of not having chants and the near 400 less INT...
01/04/2013 05:05 PMPosted by pichapiegal
so even with blackie and triumie, you can still get a 2.5 aspd? that's interesting

You can get over 2.74 with black and trium or oculus if you got attack speed on if you have inna pants, lacuni, tals chest, wh, and attack speed on rings/ammies/gloves assuming you use stormcrow for 20 apoc and no chants off hand.
Regarding the EF, I think it's a terrible weapon for CMWW, aside from when first gearing up to see if you like the build. When you start to put any thought into gearing further, everyone should be aiming for the 2.5 APS breakpoint at least. You would need 74% IAS with an 11% IAS EF (if it even goes to 11%) to reach 2.5 APS. That severely limits your options and you'll likely have to take some EHP hits with inna's pants, lacuni bracers, and/or buy an APoC Chanto OH. If you're going to use a Chanto OH you might as well just use a chanto MH, imo.
yeah they did mention using ef/trium being on the 2.5 aspd. funny night i must say.
I have tried it yes.

Madness wand is better imho or ASI sword.

Same here -- I found a madness 1.55 with native crit 72%, socket, and 7% energy twister for a SONG and it does pump up DPS for SNS at >2.5 APS (almost every piece of gear has 9iAS). It's been awhile since I played it in MP7 so tonight's the night LOL :-)

Hitting 2.8 with about 123k DPS with great armor and OK resists... kind of want to play SNS for awhile...

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