What should barb above you upgrade next?

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@grogan nice barb need more ias, ... ammy? lol

Low budget upgrade: IK boots
High budget upgrade: Crit Mempo
My best guess is gloves @dabox. Just started up again this week.
I'm sorry I was slow on the uptake and didn't known it would show my wow toon also. I'm jeggerz#1780.
@grave need to upgrade gems, prolly start with weapons with leech?
@Dabox upgrade boot more vit
Echo Fury more dps
glove more str
echo fury more dps is over 300m boots in bid war, and gloves with more str and i need the resist and crit and ias is over 900m :D nahhhhh lol
@Zero.. Trying to figure out what I would do if I was you.. I'm not familiar enough with non-ww barb builds.. Only thing that sticks out to me is low-ish CC.. Could get a different helm and sacrifice IAS, not sure how important IAS is with your build.
Also, with 5.6% LS do you really need to have the bloodthirst passive in there?.. I recently started using Brawler and it is indeed highly underrated.

As for my new setup, I'm quite happy with it. Upped my dps quite a bit again, and was able to keep CC and AS decently high. I'd put Lacuni's on, but I'm RIGHT at a breakpoint 7.5MH/6.67OH.. To get to the next step I'd have to do some serious upgrades to AS.. Like 18% more AS. So I'd rather have the AR on the bracers I've got in there now.
Once I'm done with the hellfire (or if I get a hellfire with 9%IAS) I'll put some 9% Lacuni bracers on for the next breakpoint.

Any suggestions where I should go next?.. Not in a rush really at this point.
thhoj i would probably get crit lacunis. deff would help gettin that extra aps
@zanyactin.. I have some 6% CC lacuni's (with no prim stat), which do come out to only slightly less dps than the bracers I have on right now, but they don't have as much AR or any vit. And like I said since I'm 18% IAS away from the next (ticks per sec WW / Sprint) breakpoint for my MH weapon (and 10% away for my OH) it's not really worth it at the moment.. I'd have to up the AS on some other piece as well for it to be worth it.. That might be worth looking into I suppose..
I would say get some vit. 36k life seems a little low for the high MPs.
yea my vit kinda sucks tho when im not plvling i put in the right gem and my other ring i believe my health gets to 40k

I'd say that you definitely need a Crit mempo. Expensive, but the easiest thing to suggest. Good lookin' toon!
I would say you could do better than the Scythe you have. Hard to tell though, your atk speed is damn high, I doubt it would make a ton on difference to up it to something 1200+ or so, but that's about all I could see. Maybe a better Natayla Ring, get a little higher crit chance.

Anyone who responds to mine, I don't buy legendaries, I farm for them. I only buy rares, so please keep that in mind when making suggestions for me. And my main problem is DPS, I know that. Just not sure where to start changing things.

I would say a new MH (axe or mace), and maybe some pants with sockets.

And use ruthless and weapon mastery as passives instead. That would boost your dps most right now.

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I would say a better EF would be in line. Getting one with +.24 aps will help your tdps with WW build. crit mempo would be nice but uber pricy. Both would be a good chunk of change actually.

Those shoulders would definitely be the first to go if I had your character.

My barb is found items only but I like these threads....

Thanks for the tips :)


If your barb is selfound items, then gz with the findings so far, and good luck in the future :)

I'm going to agree with ofgortens on this one but I would add that it looks like you could use a bit more vit. Maybe consider a Vile Ward with more vit or grab some on your IK belt. Nice setup though. Should be less pricey than the EF or cc Mempo that was suggested but with less noticeable gain as well.
high str mempo unless u got the moolah for a CC mempo, ive had andys helm for the longest time and its a complete nightmare

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