What should barb above you upgrade next?

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I really like your char...as its similar to mine XD

Anyway I don like the IK strides .....i think that speedd movement is overrated so I would change those for iceclimbers....

And you ring Twisted Star si not bad but I would look for a better one...
profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/atsbill123-1850/

the only weaker point I could find is replace the Gash Revenge and not even sure about that. I am not that knowledgable though and need help.
@Bill I'm not exactly a barb expert but you could aim for a similar ammy with crit damage or attack speed (though you might have to lose some str or vit to get it at a reasonable price).

Chest armor with sockets and vit will do you good. Then you can get some lacunis to make up for the loss of movespeed.

Shoot for a Skorn with Lifesteal to free up some slots.
@Thunbz clearly the goldskin :p id go for IK chest

Clearly your OH.
Not sure what I should swap out next. I have a two decent 1-handers in the bank
what should i upgrade? gems or gear?!

I'd upgrade gear before upgrading your gems. I feel like the final upgrade of gems is just icing on the cake. I noticed several things that could be upgraded, so I'll just give you a few suggestions. On your ring/ammy I'd try to get some nice avg dmg(xx-xxdmg)...it really adds a lot. Also, get some vitality on that ik belt, your missing almost 100 vit right there. Anyways, good luck and feel free to try to give me some feedback as well!
RooR, you are noticeably lacking AR. It would raise yer EHP considerably if you were to add more to yer gear. You are under 300 on yer gear which is pretty low. With the 2 set piece bonus think that puts you at 355.
Barb above me looks pretty darn good... I could use some advice though.
Where should I put the resist at? Other than my helm?
And im at 400 AR, which is too low, I recently just got the lacunis which dropped me 70 AR
Havent played in a few months want to know what i should upgrade first , appreciate it!
Hate to say it man, but pretty much everything could use an upgrade. You have 0% chance to crit. Which is crucial. Everywhere that you have CD you want CC as well. If not almost every place, because it does get expensive.

Maybe put a gem in the offhand socket? :P

Offhand with a socket, and you don't need all that LoH :)

Get some LS instead.

Offhand with a socket, and you don't need all that LoH :)

Get some LS instead.

A better HF ring by far. But I'm sure you know that.

After that, I'd say your near future upgrade is an IK belt with a better str/vit random roll and a bonus that you can use.

A long term future upgrade would be CC mempo.

Totally agree :) That's my plan. But thanks for the feedback :)

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