can you get banned for using xpadder

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it is a controller program that maps the keys and mouse to a xbox or ps3 controller. if i use it will that get me banned from the game.
Not sure on that. Blizzard will never say one way or the other so refer to the TOU...which says that anything touching the game files or memory will get you banned. If it somehow macros together more than one skill...that will also get you in trouble.
As long as it stays as 1 action per button press I am pretty sure you are safe.

Don't hold me to that though.

I've played WoW on a controller before and nothing happened. ( it wasn't that fun to play on one exactly, wow has too many buttons that need mapping )
I played WoW on a PS2 controller as well. And I found it fun and super easy. The fact that you can bind the L1-2, R1-2 triggers as shift, ctrl, ctrl+shift, alt, buttons etc made it possible to do a very large number of actions with just the main four buttons on the controller and a modifier key.

The only part that I did not enjoy, was trying to look. I had the analog stick mapped as my mouse so I could move it around and pressing it down resulted in a right mouse click. It was such a pain in the !@# to loot stuff that way, however this was before auto-loot and now there's the AOE auto loot. Picking stuff up on D3 would be a PITA.
WoW allows Macros though and D3 does not which is where it can become more of an issue.
WoW only allows macros through the WoW interface and its still only 1 action per macro. You can't use outside macros in WoW so using this thing in WoW or Diablo shouldn't matter.

Technically as long as you are using 1 key for 1 action it should be allowed but with anything like this its unknown if you would ever wrongly get flagged for using it in a legitimate way.
Someone got banned before for third party programs using a cell phone application to check auction, use phone to control his computer to check auction, he got perm banned.
well with this program ypou dont even open anything in the game its self all it does is map your mouse and keyboard funtions to the buttons on the controller. here is a picture of how it works.
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Nah I've used it before on Diablo... it's do-able but not as easy as using mouse and key. Plan on dying alot as you try to move the mouse around on the screen with the joy. Especially on higher levels. The main problem lies in the fact you need to move the mouse around on the screen to get anywhere.... this is hard to tweak in the program to find a medium that isnt too fast or to slow. Good luck but you won't enjoy it.

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