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I figured I'd ask here first because there's always a bunch of tech-savvy folks on these forums. Here's the issue, hope someone can provide a bit of insight.

Yesterday, my desktop (which I built) started making a pretty weird, loud vibrating/humming sound. I wasn't experiencing any performance issues, but it was very annoying. I opened it up and listened inside, and realized was coming from the power supply. I then did the following:

1) Powered down the computer.
2) Turned off the power supply.
3) Unplugged power cable from power supply.
4) Unscrewed power supply from case (but did not detach the power cables going to the hardware inside the computer).
5) Unscrewed the fan grate off of the power supply and pulled the fan off. Shot air inside the power supply, dust came out like woah.
6) Wiped down the fan. Placed the fan back inside power supply and screwed grate back on top of fan.
7) Screwed power supply back into case.
8) Plugged power cable into power supply.
9) Turned on power supply.

I think powered on the computer. The vibrating/humming sound was completely gone, and I thought, "Yay! I fixed it." Then I looked at my monitor, and... nothing. My computer is no longer booting up at all. Not even booting up to bios.

I can't see any connections which have come unplugged. All of the case fans, CPU fan, and PSU fan are properly whirring away. The lights are all on on the MoBo, GPU, and LED's throughout the case. There are no sounds coming from the MoBo though -- none of the little clicky-clicky 'I'm thinking' sounds.

Anyone have any ideas as to what may have gone wrong? Or any ideas how to further troubleshoot (other than buying a new PSU to see if that's the issue, or a new MoBo to see if that's the issue).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
If possible, try to find another computer you can test the PSU and mobo on to figure out which one is busted. Preferably an old computer that no one would mind getting tested on and getting busted itself. Or you could just take it down to a local comp shop that do testing/repairs but it will cost you a bit.

It's possible that you incorrectly handled the computer such that it sustained electrostatic damage. That may explain the mobo not booting but the fans are still running.
first thing that comes to mind is the power wire that connects to your video card. Double check and make sure that you didn't pop it loose. Sometimes those wires are just long enough, so you moving the psu around without disconnecting the wires, you might have popped it loose.
Double/Triple check all the connections.

Connections needed to boot to BIOS-
20-24 pin to motherboard
4-8 pin to motherboard (near CPU)
6-8 pin to video card

You can also try clearing the CMOS of the motherboard.

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