server will shut down in 15 minutes?

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There was nothing notified about a maintenance in the forums.. what gives?????? I wake up early in a sunday morning to grind and Blizzard is disrupting my groove arrggghhh!
They are trying to stop the crafting exploit likely. Its going into overdrive.
Its the weekend so lame.......................
its probably bec americas server has been down for alot of people, roblems with authentication log in so hopefully it will be fixed
Man I was just about to play all day what the hell someone really doesn't want me too I guess...
bunch of cry babies! suck it up
2 hours downtime >.>

Great for those that were playing.

bid sniped 3 nice legendaries before game went down ^^
Man I feel like I've taken a lot of the bull!@#$ in stride but this is seriously %^-*ing pissing me off. Get your !@#$%^- act together blizzard seriously. Not even in terms of the quality of the game, D3 is a GREAT GAME. YOU, the company, on the otherhand, have the pr skills of a *!@#ing goat or some $%^-. God you are SO close to being there this game is that *!@#ing close but $%^- like this (as minimal as it might seem in the longrun) absolutely ruins the game for hardcore players. And as much as you seem to hate your hardcore base THEY are the reason anyone plays your games at all.
01/12/2013 02:08 PMPosted by Midnite
bid sniped 3 nice legendaries before game went down ^^

3 inna's pants, 1 witching hour, 1 lacuni with crit, and some other random legendary lol

edit: This is really !@#$ing stupid that this had to occur on a Saturday...

couldn't this have occurred in lieu with the weekly scheduled maintenance?
I am not just getting mad, but I do genuinely want to get a refund for the game now. Does anyone know if Blizzard has done this for anyone in the past? I know stuff happens but it should also be my right to request a refund for a purchase that I am not happy with. Should I just put in a ticket?

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