Dual Wielder

Demon Hunter
Any Dual Wielders left? I have to admit some of the builds going around might be a bit stronger, but nothing looks better then twin hand crossbows!
Im hear mate! dual-in it up!
Agree, Dw looks bad-!@#.
game on.
Yeah only way to play for me!
I am a dual wielding DH 200k unbufed dps.. I use nightstalker and am able to perma gloom due to high crit %, i use bait the trap caltrop and crit % jumps to 65% (45+10archery+10caltrop), if i have deadsmans on Offhand crit% jump to 75%.... you can see my DH in my profile. I have a deads mans legacy i keep in my inventory worth 500mil, boost my ehp bout 200k (if needed)
Indeed. I switch back and forth a lot but I LOVE dual wield. ^_^
Duel wielding is the only way to go :)

Even though you can get more dps with a manticore you can still have good dps and ehp with a duel wield setup.
i am but not right now, im strafe power lvling cuz its faster at low mp

but i love duel wielding
Im a noob DW since Beta... Need some guidance from the pro.
I love DW DH just recently sold all my WD gear to go back to DH
dual wielding legacy nat user with ballistic as passive

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