Is WoW worth getting into right now?

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I know, wrong section, but I can't post anything in WoW since I don't have an account so I apologize for that.

Anyway, I thought of getting into WoW now, but I understand that this game have been around a long time and there has been talks about the next big MMO by Blizzard. So I'm wondering if its worth spending on WoW now, does the game still have many more years in it or is it quickly approaching its end of life?

That depends on how much time you have outside of everything else. Playing through leveling content is nothing compared to the end game. The amount of effort required to complete as much of the game content as possible is enormous unless you intend to skip it and rush through to the current end game content.
WoW is supposed to have 2 more expansions at least.
Tera is going free to play next month, I plan on trying that. It looks like another wow clone in a lot of ways (questing) but I have heard that combat is good, and apparently the free to play model for the game will have no restrictions, so no harm in at least trying it.
WoW has plenty of time left for playing barring some mass exodus. Just keep in mind that you're starting fresh in a game that has a large player base of people have been playing for many many years. Some people can not tolerate other players that are learning the game. So with that in mind, here's some advice should you elect to start playing.

First thing to do after installing the game and creating your first character is to exit the game and download this mod.

Install it and that will stop almost all of the gold seller spam, friend request spam, etc.

For your first character, play as DPS. It's easier to learn about the group dynamics of a game when you're not playing whack-a-mole with health bars(healing) or responsible for keeping the rest of the group from getting killed (tanking). It's also a bit easier to carry a bad dps than it is to carry a bad tank/healer.

Find a guild with friendly people. Might have to shop around a bit. It's easier getting good advice from a guild than asking in regular chat (lots of douche bags and trolls). If you happen to roll a Horde character on the Ysera server I can ask my old guild to invite you. They aren't hardcore and are quite friendly. I still play Diablo and chat on Vent with the GM and his wife.

Do not hit level 15 and queue up dungeons all the way to max level. You'll miss out on a lot of the game.
If you think D3 community sucks then you should be ready to meet even worst people. Game is fine but community is awful.

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does the game still have many more years

At least 3-4 years. Blizzard won't let it die since its their golden cow.

Wow went dead to me when they added flying mounts in normal content. Now there are people from different servers populating just about every place you can think of. No more incentive for friendship, no more single server community.
If you are looking for a social game then yes, you will see and hear all kinds of things, and get to interact directly and indirectly with vast amounts of people on a level that few other games really offer on high pop servers or go for low pop if you want to have a more relaxed time.

There are many things to do and see in WoW and it is an excelent game. But there are also many jerks, and as always they are the vocal minority who seem like they seriously outnumber the "normal" players.

Yes you should try it, you might love it, even if you don't you will experience the biggest, most popular game of it's kind going and it will give you something of quality to compair other similar games to use as a referance point.

Try it.

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