Is it ok to lose 1.3k HP but gain 750 LOH?

I am planning to buy this ammy. I'm thinking twice because i'll lose some HP considering my EHP is low (about 390K as per diabloprogress). I have no LS weapon equipped ATM, tho i got a sucky WKL with LS which i seldom use because my DPS drops by 16K with it.
I think the more important point to consider is: are you going to use that amulet for long-term? 750 LoH is extremely good, but your amulet will need many other stats too, an important gear slot for DPS. If it is an end-game amulet, go for it. You can easily get 1.3k life from other gear (example chest with 250 vit can probably add 6k to 8k life).
If you aren't terribly concerned about the loss to +exp, put a life% gem in your helm and make the question a moot point.
Of course it is. Two swings, and you've earned back more than you lost.

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