How far did you get without using the RMAH?

Do items really sell on the RMAH? I glance at it now and then but never considered using it. I like being able to buy my gear with gold since I already paid $60 for this damn game.
I think people buy stuff off the RMAH, and flip it to the GAH cause you can make "more"?
Never used the RMAH, and upgrades are tough to come by.
01/10/2013 03:25 PMPosted by RagingKoala
I think people buy stuff off the RMAH, and flip it to the GAH cause you can make "more"?

I think that is a bannable action, or at least have your account suspended while they investigate. I could be totally wrong, but I recall reading a thread a while back that action was taken against people that did this.

And on the topic, I have never used the RMAH
On inferno, before patch 1.0.4
My DH couldn't pass Act 2.
My Barb stuck at Act 3 - Bridge of Korsikk, trash mobs just owns me there over and over.
Aeternam brings up a good point in that it is hard to farm for upgrades as almost everything is nearly worthless and unlike D2 there no runes/charms/jewels/craft upgrades/gambling to work on. It takes a lot of luck now to find a piece worth more than 20 mil. Its really boring if you can only upgrade one slot per month.
Totally didn't want this to turn into a RMAH bashing thread, but it's nice to see some of you with +200k dps and other great stats by using nothing but GAH. Although I'm not sure if some of you thought I meant that using RMAH to buy gold to use in the GAH falls under this category. It doesn't.

I was curious how far some of you got if basically the RMAH didn't exist at all.

I'm now wondering if grinding away farming for loot will be enough for me to keep playing once I reach plvl 100 or even sooner then that...

Will it get to a point where I realize I just can't compete against those who bought off of the RMAH?

Or will I be satisfied enough where I end up, even if it's not as stellar as some RMAH using barbs?

Not sure how much more abuse I can take TBH.

I'll be most likely giving Marvel Heroes or something even more mentally stimulating like the upcoming COH2 a try.

And in regards to spending money on top of $ spent for the game itself, I would gladly have spent extra for cosmetic differences in gear and such that would have nothing to do with giving me a competitive advantage. Even though I'd like my new cool looking gear, it would have been done more so to support the developers. It's tough to show support through something like the RMAH.
Haven't spent or made any money using the RMAH. Found/GMAH all my stuff though I haven't really played for the past month. Hopefully 1.07 will be more interesting and bring me back.
never use rmah since day 1 to buy any items.. sell? yes i sell alot if rmah and convert them to cash for my movies out there =)

gah has always been a nice place to sell small items that worth 1m-30m.. they just sold off that fast.. unless items thats worth more den 100m most likely will goes into rmah and have extra money =p
Never used RMAH but very tempted now as it takes soo long to save for upgrades. Evan gems would be good but I have managed to stay off so far.
100k dps unbuffed
620k ehp unbuffed.
Never used it. My Barbarian in fact is all self-found items (haven't even used the GAH for him) although most of those items I found on my Wizard who is capable of MP10.
i still dont use it, long story short a buddy of mine bought me IK armor and innas temprance as a TY for helpin him out with gutting his house and what not after the Sandy hurricane

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