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I am just curious as to why certain items are priced so astronomically high? Many of them are not even that good yet cost 100's of millions of gold. The only explanation in my mind is that BOTS are artificially inflating the prices in an attempt to force players to buy their gold.

I have never used the RMAH and I will never buy gold. So at this point the game is pointless for me to play. Any upgrades for me at this point (from AH obviously as I NEVER find good stuff) belong to market segments controlled by bots and players who abuse AH like it's their job.

I really can't force myself to play anymore knowing I will never improve my character again in any reasonable fashion. I have about 45,000,000 gold saved up and multiple characters with full inventories of gear that I will eventually sell (thanks a lot 10 auction limit...). I check every few days to see if I can get any upgrades that are worth the gold, but no everything is vastly overpriced clearly controlled by gold sellers.

Here are some examples of overpriced gear that makes me scratch my head:

Example 1:


Andariel's Visage vs. Mempo of Twighlight

I do not understand why Mempo of Twighlight is so stupidly overpriced once it has strength+crit on it. The cheapest one is 239 million... what...

If you compare the stats with a Andariel's Visage which was less than 8 million gold it is quite comical.

You would lose a ton of DPS + life regeneration in exchange for a tiny bit of all resists and some health, and a socket.

This is a perfect example of broken itemization. In this case an item (Mempo) that costs over 20 times as much (as Andariel) is comparable, and in my opinion less desirable for my current gear set up/goals than my Andariel's Visage.

So what's the problem? You cannot get an Andariel's Visage with All Resist AND a Socket. I don't really even care about the Socket anymore what's the point of increased experience when Paragon levels don't really do that much for you? But yet clearly the Mempo's having a socket AND all resistance is causing the BOTS to control noobs to buy gold.

Poor itemization for high end helms. Not enough viable upgrade paths.

Example 2:


Lacuni Prowlers with Strength + Crit vs Lacuni Prowlers with Strength + Crit + (All Resistance And/Or Vitality).

So why is it you can get a Lacuni Prowlers with decent strength and crit for about 5 million gold? But if you want All Resistance the price skyrockets to 45 million instantly even if it's only 22 All Resist and the item is arguably worst overall (no life regen, less strength). If you want one with All Resist AND Vitality it would cost at least 130 million gold for once again a very comparable item to that 5 million one...

Bracers like the Helm are another gear spot that really seems to be very limited in viable upgrade paths thanks to insanely inflated prices for marginally better or even worst gear options.

I feel that those 2 examples are just scratching the surface of why this games itemization and economy is terrible. This is causing the game to be pointless to play in my opinion.

As you can see there are HUGE gaps in prices based on what stats are on an item. Are players really responsible for this? Or is it BOTS that automatically control the markets which causes such huge price gaps?

I really hope it's BOTS controlling the market segments and causing these absurd prices. If not than people are REALLY bad at knowing how to shop and do not understand stat values whatsoever. It just concerns me that people must actually buy gear similar to my overpriced examples listed above. BOTS are making a fortune off of stat noobies, and this failed itemization/economy.

Blizzard please fix your game so there is a point to play EVEN IF YOU DON'T BUY GOLD.
Low end Mempos with like 30 str, 8 ias and 3% CC have worse damage than one with no crit and high main stat. I think its more like sellers taking advantage of dumb buyers.
to get the highest stats possible you dont have many options.

You can take the cheaper road, but for some they want the best there is and the only way to get that is through very rare high end gear. There are billions of andarials but look how many good crit memphos there are.

with only 2 ways to gear up you really dont have much choice.
Jep its totally broken. For me it has come down to this:
-->I only play d2 while listening to podcasts or audiobooks (about once a month), boring other ways (i play on moblvl6).
-->I almost never pick up any items - they usually suck anyway (even legendaries!). And if they were in fact good i had to put them up in the AH were no one would buy them. Selling in the AH takes alot of time and constant logging on - which is no fun at all to me. I wanna play the game not looking at lists of items...
-->I cant buy any items because everything that would be an upgrade for me is waaaaay too expensive for someone that doesnt use real money.
-->I'm stuck.
-->Reflect dmg sucks even more than iron maiden in Diablo2 (and even there they finally removed it).
Its a community driven market. If you dont like the price, then dont buy it. No offense, I dont see what you are arguing. Blizzard doesnt set the price of the items. Even if this was a bot, NO ONE is forcing anyone to buy it. I can list a level 3 item for 1 billion and then what? The game is broken?
It's really quite simple. There is no character or build stat variety. Every build of every class wants the same thing. As such any item that has these combinations will be the most desirable (highest in demand) and the limited supply of them will have the prices skyrocket.

The idea that a BiS can even be defined is indicative of a broken item system. A great item system doesn't have BiS items merely personal preferences.
How is this still a mystery to people? There are one of two answers to your question.

1) Someone has not idea how to price items and is way overpricing them. Obviously this is only applicable when the item in question is way out of line with other similar items.

2) People value those items that much. Yes, it is that simple.

I get that you are vastly superior in your knowledge and the entirety of the player base is absolutely stupid for not understanding this wisdom you hold, as they are as a whole creating a market place in which these items in which you are uniquely qualified to determine the actual value of are actually vastly overpriced with a bunch of fools buying them because they simply do not know any better and have no idea how to spend their own gold.

Or maybe the people with the gold are a fine of judge of what they value... nah, probably not.

But, if you would like to educate us please feel free to create spreadsheets, use dps calculator etc. Show us how much better a mempo is vs every other classes second options. Show us the difference with lacuni vs number 2. Get an estimate of the rarity (just using a few weeks of of the number of available items on the AH to get a rough estimate). Prove to us your wisdom on what the price "should" be on these items, without all this manipulation going on.
The problem is itemization and build diversity. If there are more choices on the items, and there are more builds around that work. Not everyone will be aiming at the specific affixes. The useful items and non-useful items ratio will scale in a much preferable rate.
It's really quite simple. There is no character or build stat variety. Every build of every class wants the same thing. As such any item that has these combinations will be the most desirable (highest in demand) and the limited supply of them will have the prices skyrocket.

The idea that a BiS can even be defined is indicative of a broken item system. A great item system doesn't have BiS items merely personal preferences.

Guess every item based game ever made is broken then with that thoughtless statement.

I guess you haven't played any other item-based game.
01/11/2013 04:17 PMPosted by Tokadub
Andariel's Visage vs. Mempo of Twighlight

I found your problem. That socket does more for my toonies than gold sitting in my wallet. With that said, I wouldn't buy that mempo for 240m. Also, thats a p !@#$ Andy's helm for comparison.

Really, the conversation comes down to two things: Rarity, and Inflation. Crit mempos are more rare than Andariel's. With gold sliding in value to the floor, maybe this person has to sell at a higher price to cover the previous value of gold they paid for it.
OP is simply wrong. Andariel's are cheap DPS boosters, but wearing one will greatly hurt your eHP. Mempo of Twilight has the potential of doing Andariel's DPS on top of already having 71-80 All Resist Roll on it and a 10-12% life on it. The market for the two items is exactly where it needs to be.
op welcome to Earth
OP does not understand economics.

Yes andys are underpriced but that's because they are not desirable for several reasons: they're much more common than mempo due to lower ilevel, they make you take more damage from the most damaging element(fire), they look ugly, they have extremely small ranges when it comes to affixes so there isn't much difference among the best andariel helms.

Items balance themselves out. Items are only valued what they're bought at... and mempos are definitely bought even at those high prices.
Mempo = a lot better than andarial's vissage and lot rarer.

Quality + scarcity increases prices, nothing broken here.
"Your comparing BiS to run of the mill what do you expect ? Yes it's maybe 1 additional affix but over 9 pieces of gear that a lot more bonus then your gonna get with that same piece with one less affix or a lower roll."

I am not comparing BiS. These items are not "BiS" just because they have a certain combination of stats, if the stat rolls are really low, it kind of balances out.

By your logic you could have a "BiS" gear set with all your pieces having all the right rolls but the rolls are low... in this scenario you could spend Billions of gold to have the same result as someone who understands mixing and matching gear and spent 10% as much gold as you.

I do agree that a truly "BiS" item should be ridiculously expensive. But my overpriced examples are items with really low rolls yet they are still priced 20 times higher than better/comparable gear. These are not real "BiS" this is BOTS ruining the economy and apparently noobs are falling for it.

I think it comes down to many people don't understand stats in this game. There are a lot of people who bought gold and still complain they are weak. It's because they are buying these "BiS" gears even though they aren't that good.
The economy isn't broken; it's how economies work.

Mempos are desirable because they come with at least 170+ main stat, 70+ AR, a soc, 8-9 IAS, and a soc. This is all guaranteed (unless you're looking at the crappy pre-1.05 Mempos). Throw in CC and it becomes THAT much more desirable. So there's pretty high demand for these CC Mempos. Take in the fact that they're fairly rare (compare how many Mempos in the market there are to how many CC Mempos there are) and you have a perfect storm of high demand and low supply which is going to yield high prices. Throw in the fact that there are people out there with just stupid amounts of gold in their account and are willing to pay hundreds of millions for the soc and life % that you don't get on Andis and Mempos are priced exactly where they should be.

You're doing what most people with a limiited budget do; you're looking at an item and doing a cost/benefit analysis; however, if you had more gold than you knew what to do with, would you be satisfied with that Andi or would you be buying a Mempo?

This phenomenon happens in real life. A woman will pay $1,000+ for a Louis Vuitton bag when she could get something that looks similar and has all the same functions from Ross for $20. The ah economy is no different from real-world economies; they're just dealing with different items.

P.S. You also picked a Mempo that's hideously overpriced for its stats.

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