Patch 1.0.7 Preview Now Up!

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Check it out: :)


Edit: More information from the developers is available here!

MY amulet!

Finally :D

Huge buffs for wizard and monk skills? Terrific.
I like what I see so far.
At least we know the patch is less than a month away now.

Do some of you guys just prowl the forum waiting for an opportunity to whine?
Very nice! You guys mentioned wanting to increase the value of Brimstones... can your confirm/deny whether the recipe for the new account-bound gear and/or level of gems will require brimstones to craft?
Wohooooo Thanks!
This is fantastic. A tremendous upgrade from pvp blog.
Base pickup radius.

They really do listen.
looks like only ruby getting a new upgrade path and brimstones are finally going to be useful again! w00t!
Your note about critical damage and critical hit are misguided unless a huge itemization change will happen .There is absolutely no way to get massive DPS without focusing on them. They far outclass every other stat along with weapon damage.

Getting massive DPS is the goal due to mp scaling and surviving just being easier when you have higher DPS.
Thumbs way up!
Sounds like it will finally be worth leaving mp0. Now if they could give me a reason to leave Act 3.
Me likey!

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