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We'd also rather have a situation where the recipes are selling for vendor cost on the Auction House rather than one where only a few people have access to them (and their respective items). We'll see how things go on the PTR. We also wouldn't be opposed to reducing the drop rates over time if that what's best for the health of the game.

I'm ok with the AH price being close to the vendor price, but I'm pretty sure at 50% that's going to happen pretty quickly, because at any substantial price, people will just farm it. I'm pretty sure at MP0 a lot of people could 5 stack and kill Cydaea in what... 3-5 minutes? And then you could even finish off the old Cydaea/Azmodan run (which could be done in like 7 minutes pre-MP, so faster now... though most of that was travel time anyway) for old time's sake.

Also, what you quoted above is exactly what will happen with the new marquis gems, at least for the first month or two, by the way, unless their drop rate is substantially different than other jewelry patterns.
Are you saying that exquisite essences will not be included in the new crafting recipes?
Just downloadthe PTRthats all

And for the new essence, good way togo!

Since themarket has huge stock ofbrimstones,it needed new regent to farm

simple as that

And yes maybeone more that use brimstone,maybe amu+chest.
01/14/2013 06:11 PMPosted by xyj4
what about the duel? are players considered as elite? please share with us.


"blue", please confirm this...
Please tell us more information about the dueling. How about the damage changed in the new zone for player combat? We think that if you don't decrease the damage, players can easily kill each other in just few second.

So we want to know the average time of 1v1
Why was it the devs decision to make the crafting Bind to Account? Why not just let us trade em, isn't that what diablo games are all about?
01/14/2013 06:29 PMPosted by Blaao
Why was it the devs decision to make the crafting Bind to Account? Why not just let us trade em, isn't that what diablo games are all about?

Probably to introduce an additional sink for gold/crafting mats, and deflate some of the prices on high end tradeable gear.
Please lower the droprate of the new recipes to 10-20%, otherwise there's no challenge at all.

Yes, we're definitely aware of that effect and do take it heavily into consideration whenever we post. At the same time, we also want to be as transparent as possible with players about the game and upcoming changes to it, so it's an incredible tightrope to walk. In some cases, we may choose not to post about a certain issue due to the potential impact it could have on the economy, or otherwise delay our response to help mitigate it. In others, we accept the risk, acknowledge your concern, and provide some insight -- even if it's vague -- about what we're doing to address the issue (this is what we chose to do with the earlier Brimstone post of mine you referenced).

For this particular situation, even if we didn't release the patch preview, and even if I didn't post about Brimstones today, as soon as the PTR hits and crafting recipe info goes public, the same thing you described would happen. By your logic, should we not have a PTR then, because players will respond a certain way on the Auction House? There are some situations where the long-term health of the game (or our long-term relationship with the community) need to take precedence.

That's nice, but what about the ruby issue? The description in the preview was poorly worded and led a lot of people to believe that rubies would now give an IAS bonus when slotted in weapons, hence the price of rubies and crafting plans skyrocketing.

On a personal level I don't care, because I sold a bunch of star rubies at 1 million or so each which is preposterous; I'm sure the people who went all in on rubies are kind of less amused, however.

everyone who chooses to speculate must assume risk. part of risk management is research.

that information as to what rubies do was most certainly visible on reddit, and then on the blue post that featured.

if you choose to speculate before information was released, you were just gambling and that too is a risk.

if you chose to speculate after wyatt cheng's clarification was released, then you were not paying attention and so you got burnt .
01/14/2013 04:30 PMPosted by Lylirra
Also do the demonic essences only drop with 5 NV stacks, or do they drop independent of that? The lack of the statement about requiring 5 NV stacks in the preview (along with the subsequent inclusion of them for the recipes later on) suggests that they can drop even with 0 NV stacks.

Under the current design which is shipping with the PTR, Nephalem Valor will not be required in order for Demonic Essences to drop.

Lylirra, would you please comment on whether or not crafted items will receive new color lettering or not?

No plans that I've seen to change the color.

Before I pass on the feedback, though, are you referring to the color of the item dropped on the ground? The color that it appears in your inventory? Both?

Thanks for the response.

I am referring to the color of the letters when an item is dropped on the ground and when viewing an item's name in my inventory (ie. legendaries are orange for both, rares are yellow, etc.).

Crafted items having different colored letters than uniques, rares, and magics in Diablo 2 brought about more excitement with crafting (I miss those awesome, orange-glow letters).
Crafted legendaries could remain the same, as legendaries are legendaries. I would love to see all other crafted items have purple lettering, though.
You know how hard its is to farm a brimstone? first u gotta find a legendary! ahhahahaha


ok now u have uhhhhhh... hmmmm.. i dunno but u know rihgt?

ok nowwww 60k each overpriced !!!! xDDDDD


Don't believe that's planned, but one of the new crafted items (the amulet) will require Brimstones as a reagent.

We know that this likely won't resolve the Brimstone surplus completely, and we may end up adding Brimstones as a reagent for some of the other recipes and/or changing the current cost for the amulet. It's something we've discussed, and we're open to your thoughts on the matter.

Even so, the new Rare items already have a fairly high reagent cost, and we don't want to make crafting them too prohibitive, as that will mean we won't see much movement of commodities out of the economy. When it comes to item sinks, it's usually better to have a larger number of players crafting items with a slightly less expensive reagent cost than it is to have a very small number of players crafting items with a much more exorbitant cost.

Speaking of, I feel it's important to note that the crafting costs of items being introduced in 1.0.7 are subject to change, so please keep that in mind before liquidating certain assets (or, conversely, stocking up on others).

I think that brimstones should be used in every crafting recipe.
They are level 63 items, so they should require at least one level 63 crafting reagant.
Also, I'd wayyy rather search for legendaries/brimstones than grind for gold/essences/tears by going back to town every 2 minutes and spending >50% of my time picking up/selling rather than killing!
I like your new avatars!
Blizzard did state that at LEAST* one will use brimstone wich means more will!!!

also brimstones are more hard to get then legendaries!!

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