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One change I hope they do to balance the new gems.

Raise the quality of gems that can drop. It's already 900 some odd gems for a radiant, are we going to go into the million gem range?
I never thought this day would come
they buffed wz and monks only? they forgot about demon hunters and witch doctors.
01/12/2013 12:15 AMPosted by NucKola
they buffed wz and monks only? they forgot about demon hunters and witch doctors.

Well it's a early patch notes I'm sure might be some nerfs too lets hope they will add WD and such soon.
Looks good, except 1 thing:

Playing Alt Characters are still not supported. Paragon System needs a change about that.

Looking forward for more specific info about Monk changes, but I doubt Blizzard can offer a not viable, but WORTHY alternative to the current One and Only Monk build without changing the mechanism of some skills, numbers are only secondary problem in the case of Monks.
One question:

what will the patch 1.07 base pick up radius be?
01/11/2013 08:09 PMPosted by Carbohydrate
Terrible, they have been working so long ON THAT?! im done.

what do you expect ? Diablo 5 ?
Can something please be done about gem prices skyrocketing even more after the patch?

All radiant star gems are now 30m and the marquise gems will be at least 150m+ (3x gem + crafting materials).

How about allowing perfect square and radiant square gems to actually drop on inferno high mp?
Can something please be done about gem prices skyrocketing even more after the patch?

All radiant star gems are now 30m and the marquise gems will be at least 150m+ (3x gem + crafting materials).

How about allowing perfect square and radiant square gems to actually drop on inferno high mp?

your asuming they don't increase the gems that drop above flawless I seriously hope so. I've collected every gem and upgraded them...and I'm just now personally at nearing 1 of each radiant gem.
Lylirra, I'm interested in knowing a bit more about a few aspects of the patch, which while being at least moderately detailed, are also vague in some regards.

1) Will the EXP bonus for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell be adjusted along the lines of what Inferno is getting? It does get rather tedious leveling after a few alts and I'm sure players would love to feel like an MP10 from LV 1 challenge actually gave corresponding rewards. At the very least, doubling the EXP gain for each MP level pre-Inferno would be a much welcomed addition for those with lots of alts or who like rerolling all the time (gotta love those crazies!).

Making the MF boost in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell match Inferno would be a step in the right direction when it comes to non-NV enabled characters being able to self-gear. A huge reason the AH feels so mandatory at all parts of the game, but especially during leveling, is that we simply aren't finding gear on our own much of the time, and in an item driven game, that really weighs down on the player very significantly.

2) Reflects Damage: The on/off aspect with vibrant visual is something we're going to have to try out ourselves and see if we like it. The problem wasn't that we couldn't tell what was going to happen though - it was that the mechanic itself was flawed, especially with gearing trends and MP level progression being what they are, as well as the other elephant in the room, the disparity between RD remaining at pre-1.0.5 damage return percentages while all class mitigation and healing abilities were reduced in effectiveness. This is especially true for the Demon Hunter, since we netted an overall 46% reduction to our primary means of mitigation (Shadow Power and/or Gloom).

All that needed to be done with RD (besides making it really freaking obvious you were about to need to heal up as you fight) was to reduce RD's damage return by approximately the same percentage as the mitigation reductions, and in the case of the Demon Hunter class, ease up on some of the nerf to Gloom and Shadow Power so they were more in line with the rest of the reductions percentage-wise. That would have put us back where we were against the affix pre-1.0.5, where it was capable of killing you if you weren't careful, but far more manageable than it is currently.

Feature Request for Reflects Damage Shield: Please, please make this affix mutually exclusive to shielding. If you think the complaints about RD are massive now, you won't like what you hear from the players when they have to deal with monsters that constantly rotate their damage shields with the Reflects Damage "shield", resulting in a supremely anger inducing affix combo.

Molten: Thank you for adjusting this one. It really was far more damaging than any other source outside of arcane sentries. Same goes for Plagued, which did feel like "meh, my feet just got wet...or something" - I'm glad it's being brought up to par with the other affixes.

Regarding the pickup radius, can you ask the devs why the gold pickup radius wasn't made a default 10 yard (or even 20), and made separate from the health globe pickup radius? This would have made it far less tedious in terms of having to zig zag everywhere just to get the gold piles while still making the choice to use gear with the radius affix a valid choice, as health globe pickup is directly related to combat efficiency/survival (whereas gold pickup is simply a QoL boost).

Thank you for sharing your information with us. We do appreciate it! :)

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Diablo 3 is dead.
You'll just have to tell your new freinds "back in my day it took months to get para 100, now you whipper snappers get it in a week!".

Good ole' gramps!
Wasn't there a data mine of some sort of pvp reward?

My theory is this free form pvp is the first step, and will always be available. Gives the feeling of d2 pvp, which has its pros and cons. And they are still working on a ranked pvp mode where wins give you ranking and you get paired against similar matched opponents.

I hope this is the case and is a good idea. There will be so many imbalances, that I think complaints would be too much if they started with ranked matches before there was semblance of balance. This gives them time to tweak the most glaring balance issues.
Blizzard hydra and hydra+temopral flux will be great combo for kiting wizard
Will the materials for the new items be acc bound too? or will they be sellable/buyable?
I can see myself making the new account-bound gloves repeatedly until I get one with good affixes and good numbers. And given how the blacksmith likes to work, it might as well take 100 gloves until I get one that is genuinely good.

No interest in PVP really but it could be amusing when drunk.

I hope they don't over tweak the wizard or monk but I really hope to have a viable ranged/kiting spec as I loath having a melee-esque caster.

Crafting sounds sweet. It will be nice to have something better to do with the army of junk yellows we have all been vendoring.

The gem change is the only obviously negative change. Only the uber rich will care and it doesn't really address the issue of pigeon holing the gems.

The MP changes could go either way.

The reflect and QoL changes are sweet.

All in all it will be very promising when it releases next century =D
01/11/2013 08:05 PMPosted by strYker
looks like only ruby getting a new upgrade path and brimstones are finally going to be useful again! w00t!

Well, the other gems don't need an upgrade. I mean, if you're not putting Emeralds in your weapons, then you're putting Topazes in it, right? Sure, socketing for crit damage is nice...but you know what's better? Socketing for melee attackers take X damage per hit.

Oh and Amethysts? I cannot tell you how hard it is to find a weapon with life steal or life on hit. Thank god for Amethysts...sure, I've got to sacrifice melee attackers take X damage per hit, but it's well worth it for one of these babies.

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