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01/12/2013 01:45 AMPosted by UGotGanked
Make the recipes EXTREMELY RARE, and people will have to endure for quite a while farming bosses. It's just too simple to be able to get all those recipes in less than a week.

Haven't we endured enough? I would really like to be able to farm my own gear, and if the closest I can come to that is farming for mats to make my own be it, but keep the drop rates for the recipes as is...or higher, or make them purchasable through a vendor. I don't care. We would still have to farm the mats, then pray to the RNG gods for a decent roll on the gear crafted.

I've yet to craft a decent Hellfire Ring, but after i crafted one, that didn't stop me from crafting a second, third, etc. Even if the recipes for all the new gear was just dropped into our inventories on patch day, we would still farm the crap out of D3.

I only wish farming in D3 felt as much fun as it was in D2. I'm hoping that some day it'll get there, but I don't think 1.0.7's release is that day.
D3 is doomed. I'm on C9 now, the real dueling with fantastic action effects, e.g. combo skills, flipping kick, evasion, item enhancements that reflect items appearance and so on. Best of all, it is FREE! -- "You're too you always have been...." -- Diablo. ^^
Could you please add more MF per MP as well. Increased experience doesn't help if your paragon level 100. (I"m not yet but I could be by the time patch go's live). :) Or atleast show some sort of love for para 100, right now its like meh.

Edit: Also I'm looking forward to the dueling, 4 man free for all sounds like a blast.
Thats Sh it, after 6 months waiting a praying, we get this, "And dueling will have no consequence, no value, no valor" well fork... holy motherfackingshoot.

Blizzard, you've totally failed. This is the point where you quit on a failed project. Leave it. Go build toward something more hopeful.
btw: whats with all the 2.0 changes that you were supposed to be doing and so forth? are we getting socialisation improvements (custom lobbies/named games, blocking invites altogether, all chat. guilds etc)
The boss specific drops were a step in the right directions. The bosses wherent meant to be the only thing to farm like in d2. But not having them drop anything wasnt really right. The act bosses should also have specific drops they only drop, this way we have to kill them too to be able to get a specific item but we arent forced to only farm them.

Something like the essences from act bosses in d2 would be nice to make a token of gender change or token of renaming character. This would be tradables with not too high not to low drop chance so we get a reason to kill boses too. or maybe components to legendary dyes.
Lylirra, Can't we duel in other acts? A duel will be nice after an act 3 run. Or give us the option to travel to different acts.
thanks for the update
Very good news!

May I suggest that instead of LOH amethysts, we get LS, that off-hand items count as 'weapon' instead of 'other' and that Rubies add 'weapon damage percent' instead of +damage.

I can't PAY my friends to play this game. With more patches like this things may change!
I hope the maximum level gems achievements will still be related to radiant gems. Can you confirm it?
btw: I hope bliz is looking into the power disparity of classes that cannot dual wield when you create yet another tier of gems. eg: sources and mojos.
01/11/2013 08:16 PMPosted by TemptedNZ
Personally I think account bound items are a terrible idea.

you make much money through the RMAH huh? :D
Ok, I've just read the Patchnotes so far and it seems cool.

There are important changes and it seems that Blizzard has really had a discussion about things that were discussed by their costumers. Thumps up!

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