Monks Skill damage buff is overwhelming 1.07(?)

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srsly stop whine, barbs are still way more stronger than monks. you wanna talk about balance? lolzz a barb main talking about balance is counter intuitive.
Just read off DiabloFans about sneaks of the up coming patch.

Monk right now already has the highest attack power when spending resource. I agree that the cost for their skills is high compare to other class where you must use up 1/2 of your base resource but they also got a +100 to resource. To make up for that high cost.

NO other class has a resource spender that does 566% per hit. Oh, if you think "Rend" and "Exploding Palm" you are wrong, those are DoT attacks so they never get 700% per second, they get 700% per attack. Now, Wall of Light get buff from 566% to 1202%. What's with this damage... Other skills that use up 1/2 base resource, ie Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear) does 304%, Meteor (Molten Impact) does 390%. btw all these skills have a AoE so this is a joke right. We all need to play Monk so we can experience super critical without decent gears.

The next skill if the change is true than blizz is out of your mind. I always thought it will get nerfed, but no its buffed. Exploding Palm damage on death 30% to 50% of the target's
"maximum Life". Has anyone not seem this effect on high MP uber or elites. Right now you kill one the other one just dies if they are close by. From 30% to 50% means its much less work to kill them... I don't need to explain myself here do I...

Getting buff is nice, but please have balance. You don't want to buff every single class do you? I think Blizz you need to talk to your Diablo 3 developer again. This time no coffee, alcohol, and no meals. Drink water and talk...

Lol, yeah I can tell you have never played a monk. First off it's not half our resources it's about 75% for most of the good stuff, and saying that we get +100 spirit through a passive so that makes it "ok" is just stupid --> hello that uses up our only open passive slot. Secondly monks have the worst resource regeneration. It takes forever to get up to that 100 when ALL YOUR OTHER SKILLS USE SPIRIT TOO.
1) Wave of Light still has the detrimental knockback attached to it.

2) Skill damage has to be higher than Overawe spam to not only justify taking up the hotbar slot but be worth using, especially in party situations.
01/15/2013 04:16 AMPosted by NeLLy
But this is mainly a PvE game, most of the players don't give a damn about PvP

haha, this is not mainly a PvE game... it can be for you but for many others its a PvE+PvP game... you farm the game in order to build your char to duel evantually. Even you will end up dueling later on with your friends.

Diablo game = Building characters by farming Levels, Items, gold in order to aquire a good geared character to duel people for fun in the end, there is not enough content to keep you happy with just PvE...

I think if you buy diablo to duel, you'll be disappointed. For PvE, Diablo is somewhat class-imbalanced -- every class can play every part of the game, but some classes can do it a lot easier (or cheaper/earlier) than others.

However, for PvP, Diablo is MASSIVELY imbalanced in two ways: gear can be overwhelming, and some classes are just WAY WAY WAY better than others as a starting point. By Blizzard's admission, it's not class balanced for PvP and will never be, because Diablo is first and foremost a PvE game.

The best skills are 100% immunity, invisibility, ultramobility, and arguably, range. Some classes have more of those attributes, some less, some virtually none.
dashing strike can't take you anywhere without a target to click on tho so your point is completely null.
i will take 300% ranged dmg ability over a 600% melee dmg ability any day. Monks have high cost for abilities and the worst regen rate. the base spirit regen needs to be scaled similar to other classes.

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