SNS CM Wiz who is yr best partner for MP10?

Recently I been farming constantly on Act1 MP10 with my DH partner. Basically we just get 5NV then go to whimsyshire we always can get min 1 legendary drop each round. As my current gears I only have about 300k EHP but I can run MP10 effectively with DH sentry guardian (reduce all incoming damage by 15%) to make the run more effectively I was asking DH pull all the surrounding mob once I started freezing mob. Each run take less than 30min.
I like having good ol strong barbs. Monk would be the second choice for me. Don't fancy DH much at all, just doesnt seem to bring anything a barb doesnt bring, cept more fragility heh.

Archon wiz definitely makes the worst sidekick ;)
cyclone strike monk
hota barb

optional 4th:
cm wiz
^just make sure the cyclone monk is abusing the snapshot glitch for maximum efficiency :D
Yeah I do understand most DH do not how to tag along with CM Wiz especially with Wind Force.
Best DH I run with does double Marked for Death (skill+calamity proc). That's very awesome! :)

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