My 431m pics


Why i am wearing lame items? cuz i like it that way. wearing self found gear thank you. you can check out my dead guy too.
why are you back?
Just bought a gaming pc for $1.3k
lol i died many times cuz graphic frozen/loading/ or lag
unloading this 400m would help me offset some of that $1.3k investment in gaming.

i buy power
nvidia 670

hope it will be a smooth play
Why can't you take a screenshot like a normal person?
i tried printscreen and copy and paste to paint but it doesn't work
Known Scammer
I still find it highly ironic that you are trying to transfer cross-core gold now, after all the flaming you did to the gold-sellers before (which I suspect got you a little vacation from the forums, although I'm speculating about this, I have no certain knowledge, just your very timely and sudden disappearance after a LOT of negativity, and the fact that your entire post history prior to early November has been removed by the moderators.)
01/05/2013 07:14 PMPosted by FuzzyBunnies
Known Scammer

01/05/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Sens
why are you back?
01/05/2013 07:06 PMPosted by Psilosopher
Why can't you take a screenshot like a normal person?

To afford that good box, he had to settle for a keyboard with missing keys.
Why spend 1.3k on your computer if you dont even know how to take a screen shot?

Bye scammer.

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