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If I were to use Widescreen Fixer on Diablo 3?


I ask because after a lot of time researching how this application works, I can't find anything more than the creators notes that it's just a .ini file edit to achieve the effect it's meant to in this game.

I play Diablo 3 the most out of any game at the moment and it really pains me to not be using all three monitors. I've tried fooling around with pref files and the like but can't get anything that I consider playable out of it -- no SLI sucks (fullscreen windowed and such) :(

So, my question is: has anyone out there been using this application or at least knows how it works that can say one way or the other if this is a game altering application and could potentially be construed as something bannable?

Thanks for the replies, this has been bugging me for a bit (been playing a few other games with surround in the last while that have me lusting for more than a single screen with Diablo.)
I would like an official answer on this as well I have two 27'' Dell Ultrasharps and I would like to use this application as it supports a wide number of games but do not want to install the program if Blizzard will ban.
They will never tell you an exact yes or no on these sorts of things. The reason for that is because when they say "yes" then someone goes and adds components to the software that violates Blizzards rules.

What they will say is that ANY software that modifies the game in any way, or the memory used by the game, is subject to account actions up to and including banning. [insert quote of TOU here] Do they tend go after visual mods? no....but that does not mean they won't ever do it, especially if that visual mod changes in a way that hurts the game.

Edit - so basically it is "use at your own risk after taking a close look at any interface it has with game files or memory.
I have created a support ticket for this issue and will post the results, I have asked the following:

I have multiple monitors and found a program that will let me play Diablo 3 spanned across multiple monitors. The link to said program can be found at:


I don't expect support for this 3rd party product but would like to know as many others would, will are account get banned for using it. I don't believe the program alters D3's code in anyway but I'm not certain and will not install this program until Blizzard give the okay. IE Blizzard advise it is not cheating to use this program.

The forum post I refer to is:


Thank you
I have no interest in cheating and if this program is considered to fall in that class, I won't use it.

I will purchase another GPU and 27 Dell monitor to use three screens if it's okay just because it looks great. There is a coolness factor to this that I'm finding hard to past fighting with my inner geek. :)
Hi Guys, turn around time from Blizzard was great on this one, they replied with the follwing:

I wanted to begin by thanking you for your patience.

I wanted to take a moment and follow up with you regarding your concers.

The only thing i can say to it being allowed to be used is if the program does not alter any game code withint the D3 files, then it should be ok to use, however we do not recommend using any 3rd party programs such as this which could cause account compromises. I suggest use it at your own discretion since if you use it and something happens to the account, you are still responsible for what happens.

I do hope this answered your questions and concerns. If not, please respond to this ticket.


Response Ends:

I'm going to give this a try from what I can see I think will be okay.
Yeah, that was what I expected them to say. Be sure you do a Malwarebytes scan after install. Do the FULL scan, not quick, with the game up and gibberish in the login fields.

That is the other thing the GM was warning you about...mods for a game often are full of malware :/

Edit: also beware there is a MAJOR Java exploit out there via a browser vulnerability that crosses browser versions. Java accounts for 50% of infections (according the the MSNBC article so I wonder about that). Still, worth making sure things are updated or disabled.
Thanks for the replies all!

I totally agree with most of what's been said, I want to use the program but not if it is considered cheating, obviously.

What I was aiming for however, was to know if anyone knows if Widescreen Fixer actually alters game code (or similar programs, malware issues aside.)

I can't find any info on if it does, and all forums are typically like this one is on the matter. No information one way or the other.

I have no expertise on how to even check for something like this but I've come to the conclusion we'll have to determine if it alters anything on our own and was hoping someone had already :D
I have found this program to be a bit flakey with D3 and will not be using it.

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