What will you be dropping Blindin' Flash for?


Blinding Flash with Faith in the Light is still a combination CC and burst damage ability that will be fairly useful without the snapshot trick.

However, if SSS is actually buffed to a useful level I'd like to try that out. Always liked the skill but it's hard to justify using it. Reduce the cooldown to 10 seconds and it'd see a lot more use, though.

I might also use Cyclone Strike if they buff the damage on that skill to useful level too. That would be kind of fun.

I would agree with Blinding Flash as an escape. I use it more than Serenity for majority of times where there's too much incoming damage from all over the place. I find it to be the best defensive skill a monk has.

And if SSS does become 10-15second cooldown it'd be worth every spirit point. One of our biggest problems while using spirit spenders in high mp/group play is that we are responsible for 100% uptime on Overawe. the cost to use another spirit spender is too great on our pool that it hurts everyone's dps if say we missed 1-3 overawe uptime.

If blizzard is making spirit spenders a viable part for monks, they need to also take a look at how the "average" monk conpensate for the lack of spirit regeneration. As of now we have way too many issues with armor stats just to fill that gap of being balanced.
we can finally try out other runes of blinding flash now too! while lvling and before i learned that sw snapshotted, i used the one that recurs a quick little flash for awhile. it was kinda neat. gave a little interrupt a bit later, then was cooldown was over before you knew it. good crowd control
I will be replacing it with blazing wrath most likely
Now that i think about I might just use DS/Quiksilver

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