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Added discussion on 'Aggressive PVP builds"
on battling wd

too remove hex use mirror images and to remove haunt u can use either mirror images or fracture so its basically a must too have both against them + illusionist. I was finally pawning one must admit he was pretty low level though
How well does reactive armor work when combined with a strong 2hander and high defenses?
I dont think attack speed is useful at all, the best wiz skill for pvp is thunderstorm, and that isnt affected by attack speed. You really want to maximise the dmg of that skill because thats the skill that will let you one shot your opponents.
Some notes I'll bring up for others to try out. First if you manage to actually stun your opponent while he/she has no cc break available you've won. Staying at mid range so your always within 1 teleport cast of your opponent is important.

#1 Diamond skin Mirror Skin is really useful against glass cannon style opponents, And super effective vs wd's because it Lasts longer than haunt. Seriously folks, Any wd foolish enough to cast haunt while you activate mirror skin is going to be suprised.

#2 Mirror Image any rune you choose is a required skill if your going to pvp, cc breaks are so important.

#3 Mirror image doesn't work on snares and charms, but teleport does so this is your second required skill best options are safe passage for mitigation/calamity for offense I highly recommend mirror image's because their skill cooldowns are reset whenever your recast the skill, more detail later.

#4 Storm armor Reactive armor or Shocking aspect are really great in longer duels where added dps is needed/ maintain a specific range.

#5 Lighting Hydra, Seriously how good is this spell? awesome dps fire and forget.

#6 And finally Wave of Force Impactful wave, can down most low mitigation opponents others are stunned long enough to kill them.

So this so far has been my most sucessful build in pvp.!dhb!Zabaca


Illusionist is self explanatory with both teleport and mirror image taken
Evocation is self explanatory with 4 separate cooldown skills
Unstable Anomaly is self explanatory.

Mirror image + Wave of force impactful wave+ Illusiionist is such a good combo set for pvp I don't see how anyone would use otherwise.

Thoughts? I have about a 70% win rate (210 fights) against various opponents and skill/gear levels. My stats

45% crit chance buffed (static no buffs)
1061 Ar buffed (static no buffs) (lowest ar point is Arcane @ 1061 followed cold @ 1,128 rest are mid 1,200)
6,762 Armor buffed (static no buffs)
+ 18% damage reduction from elites
42% cc reduction from gear
67k dps/ 2.02 aps

If only we could get illusionist to reset all defensive cool downs.

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