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Patch is looking strong over all, but I have to say that I'm thoroughly disappointed with the EXTREME lack of class changes present in the patch.

I would argue that the VAST majority of skills/runes are still unbelievably awful and have no place in the game. With PVP out of the way, I expected the devs to dive right into making some MUCH needed balances to the under utilized runes. Choose any skill and at least 3/5 of the runes have no presence in the game. Hell, many skills and ALL their runes still see almost NO usage.

Why aren't these skills getting looked at? I realize that Blizzard is weary of making too many class changes as they feel that it can cause more harm than good, but some of these skills are just so terribly awful that I can't see why Blizzard doesn't seem to show an interest in making them appealing.

Here's a very short list of some of the incredibly terrible runes that still exist in the game.


Hammer of the Ancients
The Devil's Anvil

Do people use this skill at all? I've never seen anyone with it.

Ground Stomp
Trembling Stomp
Foot of the Mountain

Toppling Impact

Ancient Spear
Can't we get a couple PVE runes for this skill? Seems totally useless for anything but PVP

Seismic Slam
This skill is essentially a FAR inferior version to the Monk's Wave of Light, with a slightly larger area struck and an unwelcome knockback.

Does anyone use this skill anymore?

Can we get more than 1 useful rune please?

Threatening Shout
Again, does anyone use this ever?

This skill could be cool. Please take the cooldown to something that isn't awful and/or change the power of the skill so that we can actually use it.

Battle Rage
Utterly broken skill. Most barb specs absolutely REQUIRE the use of Into The Fray

Call of the Ancients
Self explanatory. Why does this skill take so many months to make useful? Just fix it.

Demon Hunter

A single target, heavy hatred cost nuke that does squat for damage. Pretty terrible in most situations.

Entangling Shot
Chain Gang
Shock Collar
Heavy Burden
Justice is Served
Bounty Hunter

Carved Stakes
Bait the Trap

Rapid Fire
How many times does this skill and its rune variants have to be modified before anyone actually starts using it?

Smoke Screen
Lingering Fog
Breathe Deep
Special Recipe

I think it's time that smoke screen duration be increased to something closer to what it used to be (2 seconds?). Players no longer need to do all their dirty work from behind this skill as the game has changed significantly. Lets make it fun again.

Bola Shot
Another skill that has seen numerous changes yet I never see any well geared and efficient DH's using it.

I don't even think this skill is that bad, but it pales in comparison to the DH's other skills that accomplish the same task, just more efficiently.


Still crappy for the most part.

Marked for Death
Incredibly uncreative runes and almost no practical use.

Stop developing the game around the fact that this skill can't crit. This skill NEEDS to be able to crit just as every single spell in the game should be able to crit. You aren't increasing diversity by making an ability not be able to crit. People are going to stack crit gear no matter what. If every single skill except one relies heavily on crit and crit damage, then DH's are going to stack it as much as possible. The DH's best passive enforces the use of crit, as do all their other skills. Fix this please.

Cluster Arrow
Decrease hatred cost and be more creative with the runes and this skill could be a lot of fun.


The function of Arcane power has effectively rendered most signature spell rune variants useless. Most players rely on CM builds utilizing AP on crit or a version of the perma Archon build, which doesn't rely on AP (obviously). Signature spells need an ENORMOUS buff across the board to make them appealing enough to use to the point where players won't have a need for AP on crit unless they want to pursue a build that SHOULD require it. The Wizard state of mind seems to be one of, "Lets find a way to make it so that AP is never an issue". While I agree that it can be fun to take this route, I also feel that signature spells shouldn't be "feared" as they are. A well chosen signature spell/rune variant should be able to powerfully support spells that cost AP. This is not the case. Signature spells runes are also severely lacking in creativity. Give us more runes that can "place" a spell somewhere so that spamming it while regening AP isn't the ONLY effective tactic.

All Signature Spells and Most of Their Variants
See above.

Ray of Frost

Arcane Orb
1.07 did not bring a big enough dmg buff. Buff it by at LEAST 50% more. This spell is very underwhelming and not spammable in the slightest (without 20 AP rune). Buff and alter Arcane Orbit to be fun and not terrible damage.

Diamond Skin
One useful rune. The others all suck something awful.
Mirror Skin
Enduring Skin
Diamond Shards

Wave of Force
Again, a complete lack of creativity on the runes and a heavy lack of power. For a skill with such a long cooldown, give it some more damage.

Arcane Torrent
Undoubtedly the most disappointing skill the in the game for me. I was so excited to use this skill at launch, but it's been nothing but HORRIBLE since May 15th. Please Blizzard, you need to understand that skills that force you to stand still while casting need to come with some serious power as a squishy ranged class.

Energy Twister
Does anyone use anything other than Wicked Wind? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this skill still seems very underwhelming

Ice Armor and Storm Armor
I still never see anyone using these skills. Most of the rune variants are INCREDIBLY lacking in creativity and still behind in usefulness compared to energy armor.

Explosive Blast
Most runes are weak and lacking creativity (again).

This skill is in DESPERATE need of the ability to place more than one. What would be cooler than an army of Hydra's? SERIOUSLY WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE GAME?!?! Would balancing it really be that difficult? Make it cost a percentage of your AP, or make it decrease your HP by 10% for every active hydra. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE TO RUN AROUND TRYING NOT TO DIE WHILE AN ARMY OF HYDRA'S BLOWS EVERYTHING TO BITS?!?!?! I can't contain the

Shares a similar fate as Arcane Torrent. Needs more power and more creativity in the runes.

Seriously, what is the point of this rune? lol Am I missing something?

IMO remove the CD and greatly increase the AP cost. Spamming TP is one of the most entertaining things you can do in an ARPG. See ALL OTHER ARPG's. (Wormhole is not an acceptable alternative).

Another anomaly in the Diablo 3 world. Why is this skill still so subpar? This skill should deal MASSIVE damage. It's a huge friggen meteor that has a delayed cast time and a big AP cost. Make it worthwhile...

That's all I feel like writing for now. I think you get the point.

Also just as a side note. Itemization is still far from acceptable. See this thread.
Really? Hammer of the ancients and thunderstrike useless?
Ummm. Yeah stopped reading there
Have a nice day!
Impale is useless? I stopped reading there.
Really? Hammer of the ancients and thunderstrike useless?
Ummm. Yeah stopped reading there
Have a nice day!

01/15/2013 11:50 PMPosted by Kobrakai
Impale is useless? I stopped reading there.

People on these forums are useless? I stopped posting there...

GG me.

Won't make that mistake again.
Really, all channeled abilities need their coefficients increased to compensate for the fact that they root you during their casting.

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