The real problem with 1.07 crafting

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bud, u just got STAT-owned.

the actual amount of money to get an amulet worthwhile is ridiculous.
I just read the updated patch notes... The boost in main stat roll possiblities is interesting.. I'm also pleased that tears will have more value.

I still long for much more depth, options... More stuff. Keep at it. :)
i think a good solution to this would be to make it possible to choose up to two stats that your item rolls. this could also add some value to brimstones if you require them when picking stats.
01/30/2013 10:32 PMPosted by Grimiku
I think there's a decent amount of players who will benefit from these new recipes, especially since the recent update to the PTR increases the core stat range for most of the pieces. You can read more about recent PTR changes right [url=""]here [/url]and please let us know what you think about the [url=" "]crafting [/url]updates.

Take a look at my amulet, it cost me roughly 20 million. It has 5 good stats: vitality, average damage, crit damage, LOH, int. It has a socket too but we'll ignore that for the purposes of this discussion. The int and LOH rolled very high as well. Now just to GET those 5 good stats (with 10 good stats total) is a chance of:

(10/30)*(9/30)*(8/30)*(7/30)*(6/30)*100=0.12%. This amulet cost me the equivalent of about 133 rolls at 150k per roll. After 133 rolls, I still only have a 24% chance of getting something that just HAS 5 good stats, let alone has 5 good stats that roll high.

Bottom line here is that we cannot have crafting work like D2 gambling where it was just a way to throw away gold, because gold was literally worthless in D2. Here it is not. It should still be a gamble of course, but it needs to have a better probabalistic return on investment. In other words, crafted items need to be equivalent or better than AH items for cost, statistically speaking, but the drawback is that you cannot choose your item directly and you do always run the risk of getting nothing for your investment.

Also, we haven't even considered how being account-bound makes this worse. You might roll a really great amulet, but it's useless with your current build. For example, my build requires the LOH on the amulet right now, so even if I got a really great one, it would not be much an upgrade without LOH. A CM Wizard might roll a ridiculously good amulet with CD, LOH, massive int, massive vit, high average damage and IAS, but without crit he's going to have a hard time using it. It might encourage him to try other builds, but his entire gear set is based around that build and won't be as effective for another one.
The real problem is it takes too much gold to get a decent ammy crafted and not be able to sell it.

Why not take ~100 mill invest it in a decent ammy, at least in a couple months it will still be worth something. Where as w/e is invested in the ammy is lost regardless of rolls.

100% agree. While these crafting recipes seem cool, it just feeds the fundamental problem that is the requirement for AH.

The constant need to acquire gold through the AH really takes away from the loot-finding experience. How will players who stick to "self-found-gear" and not use the AH ever be able to afford these crafts?
Crafting in general needs to be changed.

The best way to do it is to add punitive affix selections to the crafter during the crafting process.


First affix is obligatory and costs nothing more than the base cost of crafting.

Every affix selected past that point increases the base cost of crafting.

And so on and so forth. So for someone selecting a full 6 affixes, the cost of crafting the amulet should be in the millions. The values should still be random though. So you may select all 6 but get a very mediocre item.

I believe weapons and armor should work on the same principle.
I'm excited to have an extra place to drop my gold and collected items for a lottery chance at something decent. Maybe between hellfire rings and these I'll finally roll something nice. I'm expecting it to be a lot like hellfire ring though; after 20 rings nothing good and a lot of time wasted to the point I get keys when I can and just do ubers for fun. Never gonna try farming these items.
Fantastic updates, thanks for the link, now if only monster density scaled with MP, I would begin to smile again.
I think crafting is moving in the right direction, but only having 1 guaranteed stat for a recipe is still no more efficient than farming/identifying items.

I think a better move may be to have different crafting items drop off of different elite mobs, and let them be equivalent to legendary/set rarity and bound to account. Each of these items can be used specifically to augment a stat (IE dex, crit hit damage, attack speed). The main stats and health globe can be "legendary" quality and more sought out things like chance to add socket or attack speed or crit hit damage can be "set" quality.

When a player goes to craft an item they want, they can use up to 3 items to augment their piece of gear so that they get 3 guaranteed stats on a piece of equipment in exchange for consuming the crafting items they used. The other 2-3 stats are still random.

This would make crafting worthwhile and would reward the player for continued farming simultaneously rather than make it a random gold sink that is almost no better than farming randomly.

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