200mil on weapon, advice?

Demon Hunter
Hey everyone,

In the process of selling all my barb gear to go back to my DH. I estimate that I will have about 200mil to drop on a weapon when I'm done. I'm switching partly because pvp is coming so keep that in mind.

I would appreciate some advice on what would be the most efficient with that budget? I've been doing some searching and I don't think I could get a good 2 socket manti for that price.

Would a high base dmg manti with 1 socket be a good option? How about calamity? Windforce?

I appreciate the help!
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Depends if you want fast attack speed or more dmg.

For faster attack get a calamity with a socket and as high dps as you can get.
For dmg get a double socket manticore with dex and high dmg.
thanks but that doesn't really answer my question a whole lot. please look at the gear I have on now to understand where I'm going

It's really a choice of how you want to play.

If you want to play a fast attack demon hunter: buy a calamity, get as and crit on the gloves, amulet, and lacuni's. Crit damage is a lower priority.

If you want to hit slowly for ton of damage, or do a strafe build, buy a Manticore with high damage 1os, or reasonable damage, dex, and 2 os (which one depends on the market and what you can find and what your dps calc says) and get crit chance and damage not as.

If you want something in between, that is decent attack speed and reasonably high crits, get a windforce.

A windforce or calamity will get you more mileage out of your belt since they are black damage while the manticore has a large amount of elemental damage. It's not a huge amount but could come to a paper dps difference of a few thousand. Maybe less if you factor in the difference damage from the archery bonus. (If you plan on using archery)

Personally, I use calamity since I hate the slow attack speed on a manticore. And I do exp runs faster thanks to night stalker allowing me to vault much more.

Would a high base dmg manti with 1 socket be a good option? How about calamity? Windforce?

think you should wait till after 1.07 is live before you get some good feedback,

also, the MinMaxDamage bug is now documented, when that is fixed you will see item DPS adjust potentially, and the prices will adjust accordingly

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