Quick question about triple-monitors...

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Is there any way to use three screens with this game aside from windowed --> fullscreen that won't result in a ban?

There's no supported method. If you use anything that modifies any of the game files, it could possibly be detected and grounds for account action, but I've not heard of anyone ever having problems, though I've not heard of anyone using three monitors either. I don't believe Eyefinity works, not sure about Nvidia Surround either.
So even just changing the resolution being used in the prefs file is a no-no? That sucks :(

Thanks for the response :D

No, I didn't say that. You can't use anything that changes any of our game files by replacing them with modified versions. That doesn't apply to settings used by the game. They're looking for changes to the actual game files containing code. You can play around with the D3Prefs file all you want but we suggest you don't. If you make a "catastrophic" change, just delete it and the game will make a new default one the next time it runs to get you going again.
Awesome, thanks :D

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