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Hey blizzard,

Thank you for reading this post. My question is how long i will wait until my orders are paid. I sold some gold in the rmah. In the email it said:"If the transaction is approved, the auctioned item will be delivered to the buyer within 48 hours. Proceeds from this auction will be delivered to the seller's account within 5 days and in most cases within 72 hours. If the transaction is not approved, it will be canceled and no items or money will be exchanged. " and"The proceeds from this auction will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account. Please allow up to 72 hours for the proceeds to transfer. To view this auction, please see the "Completed" tab in the Diablo III Auction House user interface.".

But now its a long time like about 15 days i havent got the payments. Im not sure if the buyers got what i sold. I submitted tickets through your ticket support, but your cusomer rep sent me templates everytime, they dont even know what i was saying. Did they read my ticket? Here i have to restate my requirements.

1.Please tell me if the transactions were approved, the tickets did not help.

2. Please let me know why i didnt receive any updates about these orders.

3. Please tell me how long it will take for the money sent to my paypal.

The transactions are :

Now get their reply through ticket:

Hello.I was able to review your Auctions. It looks like all of the Auctions are still under review. The Buyer and Sellers are both lock out of the transactions until the reviews have completed. There is no way to expedite this issue has it has to be reviewed and approved by the Fraud team first. Once they give the "all clear!", you'll be getting receiving the funds via PayPal.

So do i have to wait longer?

You'll need to submit a new or reopen an existing support ticket as we can't assist with Auction House transactions here in the forum. Ask them to escalate it.

This article will lead you through the process.


I'd imagine they're investigating the legitimacy of all the gold sales going through the account.
Thank you for your blue post. I did what you say. But the its still the same status " processing" in the completed tag. I asked them to escalate through the ticket. But i dont know what will happen. As a diablo 3 consumer, i think i have the right to know whats going on with all the transactions. But there was no any update after the confirmation emails.

I didnt own the gold i sold and i didnt get money i should paid. This is not fair. That will be helpful If you can tell me an estimated time instead of asking me to submitt ticket. You know, they ask me to makes posts here. It doesnt make sense.
Is this happening again? I have two "sold" items yet the funds has not transferred over to my Paypal account. However, two other "sold" items have transferred over... All of these transactions occurred on the same day.
ya it`s happening again. someone has to be fired,.
Same Problem here. I have 2 sales are marked sold in Auction log, but the money has not been sent to my Paypal.

Hope it is not necessarily two weeks for the blizzard solve this problem, as it was last December.
It is not just you. I have two items on the GAH that sold but the gold never came and the items were still in processing. When a blizzard GM investigated, he told me it was approved but the items "were not claimed." He told me he could do nothing and that the items were likely lost. I just lost 30mil gold. He said there was more support for RMAH so good luck to you.
Didn't get payment Since 12 JAN
Payment problems again

Go to this thread, blue already replied this thread, so i dont think they gonna look it up again

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