Bola Shot Weak?

Demon Hunter
Im trying out between bola shot and Hungering Arrow and bola just seems so weak and clear time is longer. Is it just me?
I agree Hungering Arrow is better for farming when you have high enough DPS to one-shot most mobs. But I use Bola for higher MP. Bola has a better Nightstalker proc and does AoE that is not dependent on RNG. And when using Thunder Ball, the stun is helpful with a high attack speed.
How can HA be better than bola for farming if you're one shotting mobs....Bola is AOE. Unless you have terrible aim. And HA with the right rune procs nightstalker better than bola
Probably means it is faster with HA over bola due to the fact HA has no "timer" for explosion like bola does.

Higher MPs I tend to now like MFD:GRIM-REAPER and Bola:Thunder. great way to take down packs of mobs.
bola - imminent doom at MP1-2 is awesome when combined with multishot and knockback.

fews bola into first oncoming enemy who is then knocked into crowed and blown up when mutlshotted to death.

the bomb explodes upon death.

mp3-4 not worth using bola... but once into mp5 and above bola shines again for high DPS =)
I forgot to mention that the better choice may depend on your preferred hatred spender. For farming, I prefer Multishot which clears trash mobs instantly. Since Multishot does great AoE damage, I like Hungering to quickly kill single targets. But if your spender is a single-target skill like Rapid Fire or Impale, then Bola is probably a better choice of generator.
Agree. The way you worded your first post made it sound like you were using HA on trash mobs which is............not a good farming technique, to put it nicely. For low MP farming you shouldn't be comparing Bola to HA, it's really Bola vs. Ball Lightning vs. Multishot as your AOE skill for a standard "run and gun" farm build. I prefer BL so HA is my single target skill.

High MP though Thunder Ball is amazing with cluster bombs or spike trap.
HA imo is better for low MPs because I use it for left over trash. i just aim in the general direction and kill it. also dont need to turn around if a monster is following me. just shoot straight and it will come back and kill. no slowing me down. high MPs i use bola and the AOE is much better since you get surrounded a lot.
Another reason Bola Shot is slower is you may be over using it. Because of the cooldown before the damage occurs, you can spam a lot of Bola Shots on a single target when much fewer are needed to actually kill them. So if an enemy gets hit say by 4 bola shots and they only need 2 hits to kill them, you just wasted 2 bola shots since the two shots disappear when the enemy dies. As a result, you suffered an opportunity loss and DPS drain. Hungering Arrow is better about this since it doesn't have a timer. I highly suggest if you want to use Bola Shot to spread the wealth on all enemies so your damage doesn't get hit because you lose hits.

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