is 1.0.5 ptr install good for 1.0.7 as well?

Technical Support
Will I be able to use the same installed 1.0.5 ptr that was released before for when the new 1.0.7 ptr comes out or will I have to get a new one. I never uninstalled it because I tought it was a base client that all future updates would be on so its just sitting on my computer taking up space. If I will need a new one for 1.0.7i would appreciate knowing so I can uninstall the old one and free up some computer space.
You will have to update to the new content when the client is released. I think you can keep the current though, and just apply the patch. It worked that way in WoW anyway.
IMHO we don't know enough about how the 1.0.7 PTR will be run to confirm that sorry.

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