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Fully, completely, entirely and utterly agreed. This must be done.
Good idea, this is a pretty basic functionality that should be there without suggesting it.

It also will relieve some stress on the chat channels, already full of vendors and gold spammers
Not what I was hoping for; being a T4C veteran, don't consider dueling to be pking. Was hoping more for something like battlegrounds, but I guess maybe that is not possible.
Dear god. The feature hasn't even come out yet and people are complaining that it's not good enough!
Issue #3: If you aren't dueling yourself, you can't sit and watch the others duel. You should be able to enter the dueling area as a spectator.
01/13/2013 09:04 AMPosted by Azraeil
Dear god. The feature hasn't even come out yet and people are complaining that it's not good enough!

Listen guy, we aren't complaining. We support the game and would love to see it evolve into
something good not something !@#$ty. This NEEDS to be done.

Finding PvP should be as easy as joining a public PvE.
10 pages of people with both high and low levels (myself included) of IQ who can tell that there is no current possibility of finding a PvP game with any ease, and blizzard failed to think this may happen?

What type of monkey show are you running over there?
Agreed, it will be too hard to find anyone who is actually willing to duel in just public games.
+1 completely agree. Please Blizzard!! As you can see, EVERYONE agrees here, take note before rolling out the patch! It's something you can correct easily and fast!
+1 very well said
Got my vote on the 8 players a match and PVP anywhere.

signed, and it's a disgrace that this has to be explained to the so-called "developers"
Agree with OP

Lets not jump to conclusions though, Wyatt's blog was just the basics, not the details. (There is your out devs...)
I doubt it will happen.

Separate games with names dont exist in d3, because this way ppl cant sell items in games, but in ah/rmah.
Solution: Make D3 dueling similar to D2 dueling where anonymous PvPers from around the country/globe can find and locate each other. In D2, you could just create a game titled "Dueling Come All", etc. However since we cannot create and join custom games in D3, Blizzard should at least implement a "Join Public - PvP" button underneath the current "Join Public" game and then with the option to select 2-Player FFA, 3-Player FFA, or 4-Player FFA. When player has decided on the bracket, they are placed in a short queue and randomly matched with other people around the same level, with the intent of PvPing as well.In this way, players can not only duel with friends, but also compete against other PvPers from around the world, meet new people, make new friends, and experience a much greater diversity in PvP play.

I totally agree with you, its a great idea. Bliz please TAKE HEED!

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