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it's sort of scary that Blizz didn't see this issue in the first place...what were they thinking was going to happen?

Just chiming in... I won't be doing any PVP I guess unless it has its own grouping mechanic. I really enjoyed grouping for the first few months, but I haven't joined a group in about 3-4 months and I have no intention of doing so.. as I prefer the smooth 60 fps per second with max settings over crap junk video settings and still massive slow downs from having to see everyone's junk on screen.

I'd jump in for a duel now and again if it had its own way of joining a PVP game. I am not gonna be jumping in random games to find out if people want to duel... assuming most people share this sentiment.

Not a big deal though, as I am mostly looking forward to the co-op or CTF type stuff if it ever comes out.
100% agree!
bump of justice
I found this bug as i started a game recently, and i think it may have something to do with PVP


It kinda reminds me of something like a scoreboard for a 4v4 match. Red vs Blue ;)
To the people who thinks this is fantastic i would say wait a month and let's see what you think after that... after 8 months of something it should have been there in the first place we have it unbalanced just with 4 players and you don't get even ****** achivement for doing that really dull i supported this game hoping and waiting but this isn't going anywhere .... well as diablo fan time to time i will keep doing the same act 3 runs alone and of course some pvp vs my follower because by the way my " friends " got bored of the game after the 10000000000th act 3 run and now they play wow or starcraft or other game ..... and after this patch i think even more people will quit the game you will see,,,
There definetely needs a way for solo players to find other people to duel with.

How this isn't included with the release of the small amount of PvP is beyond me.

I respect Blizzard as a gaming company, they really do awesome games, but the choices made and the direction of Diablo 3 team baffles me.

If you are going to release one tiny functionality, that is dueling. At least make sure you cover some basic stuff:
1. Let people join from whatever act they are in. Why would you only make an NPC in act 1? What possible design decision supports that?!

2. Let ALL of your players have a way of finding like-minded. That is just as there is a way of joining parties for playing PvM how couldn't you manage to get some kind search/matchmaking for PvP players.
DUELING should be the same as MP1-10
You can have the OPTION TO enabled IT.
Once enabled, you can choose to join dueling game or public games which allow you to HOSTILE other players.
DUELING should be the same as MP1-10
You can have the OPTION TO enabled IT.
Once enabled, you can choose to join dueling game or public games which allow you to HOSTILE other players.

I just think it would be cool to have the 'hostile' option, but make it have to be confirmed by both players. That would get rid of that 'trolling' that people are worried about.
One really does have to wonder what kind of mysterious force keeps the D3 team from really solidifying this game, making the very simple changes that almost everyone wants to see made, including the lobby screen / chat channels.

It really blows my mind that a few simple tweaks would most likely mean millions more in the regular player base, and bring success to this game that could compare to D2 over time.

Makes me think Jay Wilson is one stubborn individual.
Bump up!!! We need it!!! :D Please a Blue Response!!!
Even though I haven't been a pvper, and I'm not even interested in it. I think this is a sensible request. So you get a thumbs up and sticky request.

P.S. I think we should all wait for the full system preview in order to see how and/or if there'll be a matchmaking system for pvpers. If there is then the op will probably have his request attended. If not, well you've already posted the solution, haven't you?
Come on Blizzard, if you are going to add a new feature just do it properly the first time.
Ive been a sincere fan of Diablo since D1 days on crappy PC's and PS1. Ive been looking forward to this game for SO SO long and I am very baffled by how this game turned out. Diablo 2 was by far the most fun I've ever had on a PC. PvP never got old, cow runs never changed but never got boring, and i always had fun.

Just about everybody wants PvP implemented because the content is getting old and boring. I stopped playing SC shortly after Paragon lvling was introduced and went to HC. Thoe i have a lot of fun, nothing is keeping me interested anymore to keep playing. But now they have finally told us that a bland version of PvP is coming. 4 people FFA play style. Still doesnt sound like alot of fun to me, BUT i will stick with it and wait for the PTR to come and see what it has to offer.

Blizzard, Please take in consideration some of the things that you are not bringing to the table and what we would like to see. Not that everything needs to be brought in, but its like you are deliberately trying to push people away from this game. Keep us interested along the way, not at the end when its too late and everybody has moved on.

01/12/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Xan

I forgot about this but i do remember watching it during blizzcon. Sad to see this go cuz it looks way more fun then this FFA they plan to bring

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