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01/15/2013 10:30 AMPosted by CAKE
Ok , so I have read through just about all of it ( atleast i think i haven't missed what i was looking for ) and havent seen anyone post on why they think Blizzard didn't add the simple game lobby we had in Warcraft 2, Starcraft, Diablo 2, or Starcraft 2. i think the answer to this question wasnt about wether or not they just didnt think of it. its completely intentional. it was a planned feature of the game to not allow players to trade like diablo 2. the RMAH/AH System was the Center for this game so they are force us to use it. (i dont really blame them its how they make a paycheck). if you really sit and think about it you see this is why. but at the same time this is also why the game is most likely falling off at the same time. Alienating the players from one another is taking a dramatic toll on players Friendlists and social gaming experience. Players also only level 1 Character of each class to 60 (wich i met most of my friends while leveling to 60 in public games). oh yes they give us a public game option.......wich honestly no one plays it for the fact MP is better farming so no lucrative rewards in public games. And Some will argue "Well they gave us a trade channel this isnt true". lol thats a joke. the only people who post items in the trade channel are over charging on the AH and cant get the item to sell. it doesnt look like they are giving in on this method either they will keep it seperate and keep as much flowing throguh the RMAH/AH as possible. with this new "Dueling" (cant Call it PvP really they trashed the PvP Idea pretty much) system coming out we wont be able to find fresh and new rivals on a regular steady rate searching forums and even spamming a PvP Channel would get old after a while. i think this is a big Issue and needs to be Dropped by Blizzard at some point and start going in a new direction, otherwise Farming, Selling, Farming, Selling, is about all we can do at this point and they havent posted anything on adding a new Matchmaking system or a game Lobby. to me this was a huge step back on they're part and i cant believe more didnt notice it ( i think alot of peopel think they just overlooked it lol). i like the game play in game and have enjoyed leveling to paragon 87 ( although i try not to sell anything on the AH and have never Activated my RMAH because i think the game is dwendling because of the it being focused on to much) and will prolly make it to 100 before i get Bored but as for another 6 months i dont think i have that in me. if we don't start getting a more user Friendly interface - gamelobby to make friend's party's Farming group's PvP matches Etc.

+1: excellent point!
we need a cooldown reset on death too
Didn't read whole 15 pages, but original idea is great.
I concur!
This thread is very good and cannot be overlooked.
the idea isn't great .. its logical ... dunno how d3 staff thinking , they should have figured how to organize dueling even before ptr !!!

It looks like they didn't do match work on pvp.. we want pvp LADDER and yees we want some automatic matchmaking system for pvp that would join one hero to another with similar rank in ladder so players can actually compete with each other and have even more motivation to improve in the game!
How about adding a way to match up with duelers with close to the same DPS.. Its clear that before I duel someone with 250k dps, Im gonna lose with 150k. Doesnt matter that class/build at all. Make a PvP area/que in or outside the game that matches you up with people of similar DPS. like 1-30k bracket 1 - 31k-60k bracket 2 - 60k-100k... and so on
once again.. blizz put 0 effort and 0 time into what everyone has wanted. this game is 10% of what it could have been. if they dont release an expansion, fixing this game, i will release blizzard completely from my thoughts
I agree with the OP!
bump bump bump it up
this is needed !!

Maybe all Act 1 public games MP0 will be considered good for Dueling ?? like a standard we all know about secretely ;)
PLEASE do this !

This would make this the best patch EVER, and the game would finally be a really amazing game to play over and over and over!
also they should try to lower the damage output of everyone lol right now its who hits eachother first
01/11/2013 10:03 PMPosted by fathom
I agree, Blizzard should separate PvP from PvE games, and increase the number of players in the PvP game from 4 to 8. 4 players is too boring.

The answer is simple: a Dueling chat. GG,
I think we need to make games and name them, Chat that works, moving between acts without logging out of game. This would help a lot.
bump - need to actually make this a multiplayer game-

failure blizz

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