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Pretty sure dueling was just meant to hold us over until real PVP comes out. As such I wouldnt expect to receive any of this until then. This really needs to be added in eventually though.
Im sure they will put a PVP chat channel in.
Start forum threads for pvp leagues friend adding etc. I want to see a public option as well but we have ways to easily set this up ourselves as players. If anyones interested seriously in dueling feel free to add me with a note in the friends request about pvp. wether its talk discussion theorycraft or just whatever if it interests you add me.
Please bump and sticky if you agree!

Greetings Gentlemen,

From the blog and its wording, it really seems like the new dueling system only intends for players to PvP with a prearranged group of friends, and the entire party is required to accept the zoning to the Scorched Chapel before any PvP can take place.

"To duel another player, you’ll need to speak with Nek the Brawler at the inn in New Tristram"

"Speaking with Nek will take you and your party to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone designed specifically for player combat"

"Dueling currently supports up to four players in a Free-For-All format, which means you can battle your friends either one-on-one, three-player FFA, or a full four-player FFA"

From this, arises a few issues:

Issue #1: I don't know about you guys, but many of the handful of friends I started playing with quit months ago, and at any given time, no more than a few people are online. Those that are on may not even interested in PvPing.

Issue #2: This leaves us to hit the public games option and general chat to tirelessly try to find other people to PvP with. The trouble with this is of course a great majority of D3 players in public games are busy farming, craft, and doing their own thing, without the slightest interest in PvP.

Solution: Make D3 dueling similar to D2 dueling where anonymous PvPers from around the country/globe can find and locate each other. In D2, you could just create a game titled "Dueling Come All", etc. However since we cannot create and join custom games in D3, Blizzard should at least implement a "Join Public - PvP" button underneath the current "Join Public" game and then with the option to select 2-Player FFA, 3-Player FFA, or 4-Player FFA. When player has decided on the bracket, they are placed in a short queue and randomly matched with other people around the same level, with the intent of PvPing as well.

In this way, players can not only duel with friends, but also compete against other PvPers from around the world, meet new people, make new friends, and experience a much greater diversity in PvP play.

TL;DR: There needs to be an easier way for players to find and join up with other PvPer, other than scouring public games and spamming general chat.

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I think you are making too many assumptions considering the content hasn't even been released yet. But to be honest I just wish they would implement something like a hostile button so we can world PVP. I can't imagine why something such as that wasn't even a feature since day 1, and they don't seem to have any plans for it in the future :(
This reminds me of MP. Everyone stated as a matter of fact that it would be harder locating ppl because it was not public. The same arguments came up of having to use the chat channels as well. What happened was just what the players said. You can find players looking for others in the forums and chat channels. It did become hard to find people as they realized that it was more profitable and less effort to go solo.

On to PvP. This will work the same way as stated above. Initially you will have a bunch of ppl excited to use it and that will make it easier to find others. Just like MP though ppl will get bored (especially since there are no objectives or rankings) and it will become dead. This same thing happened actually in EQ2 when they introduced a sort of arena. It became a lost feature that no one used because there was no point in it (aside from a few name titles and vanity pets). In that game everyone either PvPs in open world or in the battleground (which has objectives).

to add the solution to this problem, all they have to do is make PvP public as well. leave the in game NPC in case a group of ppl want to go and PvP, but also add the ability to open a game to public or create a public PvP game.

The current system is so stupid it's literally mind-boggling.

Do these people honestly make video games for a living?
I was also speculating on this, came up with an idea that of course has been thrown around for some time now

yup another half !@#$ release by blizzard.
Awfull pvp system...
The wrost and simple... pvp that i had see...

If they dont change this pvp system... path of exile will destroy d3...

Stop laughing at us and begin to work... i can do a better pvp system in less time...Only with one year of work experience in programming
Does blizz have the brain power to implement this? Sounds like a challenge lol.

Also wondering where thoes team duels are at.
Act 1 - Quest 1
Simple as that! The players will organize the PVP.
I was thinking if blizzard could make it a point whereby when we log in, there is a option for us to click "PvP Arena". Once we click that option.. we will be link to all the players in that region for pvp. join games and rooms just like how d2 was.. that way , those who wish to pvp can have fun doing it whilst those who prefer to level and crafting could also have their way .. what do u all think ?
I agree.

I think another good option is go ahead and keep the in game NPC you talk to, but make it so the new dueling areas use the same matchmaking as public games. So once you talk to the NPC it could throw you into someone else's that already have people fighting, or have randoms appear in yours if you are in it and have open slots.

However I do agree with other players that people will most likely just pick a certain quest that will become the norm for pvping, which is good.
make seperate pvp games with teams and 8player
Could not agree with this post more.

Now, none of us are 100% sure how this system will be fully implemented. However, the OP has a very strong point and I really hope his/her words are taken into consideration.

I do NOT want to pull teeth to find PvP. I think a "queue" system would be very effective. We click "join public PvP game" and we are ported to an arena where we can fight against (hopefully similarly geared) players who are also interested in PvP.

Right now, unless we are missing something, those of us who have stayed with the game through thick and thin likely have very few friends still playing. I don't want to troll through general chat/forums trying to find like-minded PvPers.

The OP has many great points. Please Blizzard, please take heed and make this system user-friendly for players who want to log in, catch some PvP and then log out.
Agreed. This is necessary for the dueling.
in addition to this, we also need transmog/appearance to make your character unique. if there are 4 DH's dueling all in natalya set, how are you going to distinguish 1 from the other?? people, please post on forums asking for transmog feature or appearance tab in patch 1.0.7! besides, most of your characters probly look stupid with all the mismatched legendaries

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