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its mind bottling
+1 agreed need a public ez way too duel and some rank.
im just going to end up dualing friends without pvp servers
Duels are just so... fail... Give us this please:


When i got the game i was promised the above and not this crep... Then of course we need some type of pvp finder and rankings...
I agree with this post, but one miracle at a time please. They'll implement what your talking about eventually. Doubt it will be in 1.0.7 though :( its all good
Totally agree with #1
Blizzard seems to give up building pvp i dont blame but then plz let us play pvp by ourselves. We can make rules by ourselves if not balanced. We are not that childish. We just need proper interface to play with many ppl. I'm really sad.
And the whining continues...
just add a "Dueling Games" tab above the "Public Games" tab, increase # of players to 8. sounds pretty friggin easy to me, esp since they already made the fixed dueling arenas. i doubt they will touch dueling at all though, Jay Wilson added dueling because he was forced, not because he wanted to or because he thought it might be fun. D3 PvP is and will be minimalist, with little to no attention. tis quite sad
I bet they do something really annoying too. They will let dueling happen like this, no one will be able to duel, and no one will do it.
Then they will bring in a proper lobby for their team deathmatch crap, they will say how HUGE of an increase in players use it, and they were right to once again shy away from Diablo 2.
They will have a dueling chat.. most likely like general chat. People can reach each other there. Also this is BNet 2.0..

I hope for an interface change in the expansion.. or when the actual PvP patch drops.
Infinite bump. I made a thread with this complaint myself before realizing everyone was already making it.
Dam you have a good point OP, is going to be interesting to see how they will approach this issue, one fix of course, being able to create custom games, however I think that may be a hard fix for them to do, guess we will have to see how it plays out.
I don't see myself PvPing very often, but I agree this is necessary
I'm sure there will be a subreddit /d3 /dueling.

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