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Maybe it can be in the quest selection area select pvp and it finds a game with pvp
This deff should be a option, Or better yet how about no area at all like d 2 and just hit agress duel whereever. I really dont like the idea of it being in a certain place of the game. Why not have mobs in the middle leets so on. That just added to the randomness of pvp in d 2. I really do wish they would stop modeling this game off wow instead of d 2!
I hate wow! I dont play wow. Just cant understand why they are making Diablo more like it instead of a game of its own again! If we wanted to play wow then we would!
If you want, I could start an "official" thread in which people could add each other to duel each other (or for duel partners). While there would be no ranking from my part, you guys are free to do whatever you want.
Unless Bliz adds a way for us to easily find PVP matches, there should be an unofficial rule amongst players that a specific quest / mp level (since they're going to let us select the MP level now apparently) is specifically for PVP.

For example, we could all select Act I, The Imprisoned Angel, MP 4 (cuz, who plays MP4...).
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Battle.net 2.0 has destroyed the Diablo 'in game' community. I don't want to go to forums to feel like there's a community when I played Diablo 2 I never once bothered with the forums, there was no need I could find a chat channel that was moderated and kept free of bots that was its own sub culture guilds etc that's all been wiped away with this dev teams vision.
There's always looking in the 'LFG' chat? The same way people spam looking for people to uber and key run with.
I agree with you as far as the need for finding other PVP players with less headache involved.
However.. guys, don't forget that this was blizzards attempt to throw us a bone while we wait for real PVP content. I wouldn't start with "this and this would be nice." this is a simple dueling option not the real deal which they supposedly scrapped after what like 2 years? Just saying be thankful we even got a FFA player 3-4. That actually exceeded my expectations. I am just happy I can finally take some swings at some of you channel trolls =D.
i hate the diablo 3 site is always down, i dont understand why we have to play online.....if i would have understood that i would NOT....HAVE BOUGHT THIS GAME......
I agree with your idea but,
01/11/2013 09:56 PMPosted by ADcarry
"Speaking with Nek will take you and your party to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone designed specifically for player combat"

I think they meant you got to accept for you to go to PvP zone, which means its like if your doing a boss you need to accept to play against the boss, which means during the game if ever you want to PvP you could with a player while the other player is playing PVE. Do you get what Im saying, sorry if you dont understand but for me its hard to explain. :)
How about if the HC charatacter dies, then they will have to promise to the other player, never to play that character ever again....:-)
I do not believe it will be hard to find players to duel with. I have been with this game from the beginning (beta), and I know there are many many players that will want to duel. I look forward to this new dueling thing.

Just put your name out there and players like myself will come and bury you. All the crying about not being able to kill other characters, and now crying about this. Alot of those who were upset about not having PVP were just talkers not doers.

So buck up and get your butt in there and lets see what you're made of. I want to bury some of you. lol
Anna which server are u in ?
@ Reviess

Server America, and you ?

If they don't add such a simple feature, I have no faith in blizzard.

This can't take much time at all to add a selection similar to monster power, except for pvp instead.

Luckily the patch isn't finished so hopefully blizzard will add it

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