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bumpidy +1
lol, i miss the lack of civility possessed by the D2 community. in game dueling was constant, but was called "going hostile," alot less polite and lots of fun when someone was being annoying. it'd be nice if u could go hostile on a troll in town and stop them from getting exp. none the less pvp will still be alot of fun.

wonder if it will be similar to D2 dueling, there was no life leech for pvp.
everyone I know is bored of the game and waiting desperately for pvp, This site along with other forum sites for the game with be teaming with people wanting to pvp. The only issue I see here is maybe some loners who don't use the website (not pointing any fingers) might have a little trouble.

ISO: team duels
Regardless of the solution, we do need a more robust way of meeting other player in game. PvP has been looked forward to by many for a long time now. Creating an environment where players can more freely interact with each other would only compliment what has the potential to be one of the coolest, if not the coolest "end game" feature anticipated by the players. Without a system like this the full potential may never be realized. I truly hope blizzard takes this thread into consideration, as I am one of those players who would love to see this franchise become all it has the potential to be.
How about quest choice being Dueling and the type, 1v1 3FFA and 4 FFA

O nm I see Begara had the same idea
01/11/2013 10:05 PMPosted by Iria
I'll be up for PVP with my Barb. Depending on how the damage is scaled, I might even offer rewards for slaying him!

I'm willing to hear more about this :D

but wouldn't any one in act 1 chapter 1 be looking to duel

are there ever open games there,

that's the first place i'd check for duelers
Issue #1: I don't know about you guys, but many of the handful of friends I started playing with quit months ago, and at any given time, no more than a few people are online. Those that are on may not even interested in PvPing.

Ya they quit cause this game is full of disappointment....fix item hunting...not by adding crafting!
+1 sticky requested PVP is diablo is not supposed to be WOW battlegrounds.
we can hope they add a new version of every forum for the PvPers. Keep some of the QQ away from the rest of the game.
yeah they need to implement a way for us to find other players, rather than spamming chat.
Thanks for all of the support! I hope Blizzard realizes this need!
At very least there should be a PvP channel. If not im sure players can spam General or even Trade to find a dueling partner or group.
its a test realm im sure theyll fix it though and make it so u dont have to join public games with 30k dps chars and ask to duel
while you are at it, why not a 2v2, a 3v3 and a 4v4 option?
oh, and a ladder system that ranks you up or down based on your win/loss record. obviously
True dat, we need a meeting tavern to gather up!

Why have four brawling when you can have eight

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