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Rofl. I'm not sure whats more comical, the fact that 8 months later they release the most basic/featureless PvP they could. Or the fact that it comes with party PvP support, like if anybody had friends that played still.

D3 pvp will be a p2w abortion that only people that bought witching hours, or ground AH for months will be playing.

None of the high profile streamers play this game, no hardcore gamers that I know that have tried it continue to play. Enjoy your 1v1, p2w PvPing with all the RMAH geared barb kids.
+1 ! this is essential. blizz hear our voice !!!
Posting in support of a PvP join button or named games :)
Blizzard with all the delay in PvP, you could at least give us this way of finding players to duel with. Thank you
Imo the Simplest way to do this is by making the Dueling area a new 'Act' therefor the Multiplayer search function still works.
+1 i like your idea op. And after the system put 4 ppl (or howmany) the duels would go till 1 is left then restart and keep going till someone left and then the system would que in someone else. Idk how hard it would be on their part to do something like this tho. Im fine with dueling ppl on my friends list but i would love to join a random match and kill ppl i dont know.
If really feel for you Pvp-guys.

You've been shafted, long and good so far in this game.

I myself have little interest in PvP, but I hope you all get a decent PvP system eventually.
+1 dueling is useless without this functionality.

d2 channel system discuss
8 players would be fun!
named games have been suggested since D3 came out, many people miss the d2 game creation system. Yet blizzard has done nothing

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