Monk changes they should have consider doing.

I'm trying to be as constructive as I can with these suggestions.

Spirit Generators.
If your goal is to really promote build diversity then please consider doing a focused pass over the uncommon spirit generators.
For example, we all know that Fists of Thunder, thunderclap is the go to generator nine times out of ten not only because of the teleport, but also due to the speed of attacks. Static Charge (37% damage to a certain target when you hit other targets) is a great example of a unique skill rune that needs more attention.
The other spirit generators lack mobility, Radius of attack could/should be better. A clear lack of appealing rune choices that can compete with FoT,TC.
Another sticking point is the lack of a real difference in the amount of spirit generated. 6,6,7,8 I mean hardly very noticeable. It should be something more akin to;

Fist of Thunder: 6
Way of the Hundred Fists: 7 and each additional mob hit adds 0.5 spirit per stack.
Deadly Reach: 6 and critical hits add 1 more spirit per stack.
Crippling Wave: 8 every 500 dexterity adds 1 additional spirit per stack.

Spirit Generators lack much identity Deadly Reach could hit further away and have a base chance to keep mobs pushed back to the maximum reach of a deadly reach stack

Crippling wave should hit in a complete circle around the monk for EACH stack expanding on the second and third hit. It would open up some interesting builds. Knockback/stun/confuse/fear builds. Each stack also builds up in the amount it slows targets coming to a maximum slowing capacity of what it currently does.

Spirit generators could have more elemental attacks attached to them to give elemental damage legendaries and opportunity to buff them akin to Burning Axe of Sankriss/ Schaffer's etc.

Other observations:

A possible change to one with everything could be to make it a base monk passive. (you start a monk and you have One with everything without it taking a passive spot) or you can reduce the amount your highest resist translates to your other resists and you add an elemental damage component to the highest resist you have (fire resists adds fire damage to your monk scaling with higher resists)

Damage reflection needs to also prevent a certain percentage of damage from actually affecting the player aswell. 10% of damage reflection from gear and stats translates to damage you also do not take or some scale that would work without being overpowered.

Spirit generation needs to have a passive tied to health globe pickup like other classes to make radius on pickup gear be more appealing.

We should have atleast 1 spirit per second generated at base without any additional Spirit generation on gear.
You could make fleetfooted add a sprint to target akin to Way of the Hundred Fists, Blazing Fists Skill Rune.

Skill Rune ideas:
Sweeping Winds Rune: upon reaching the third stack sweeping wind causes an explosion to everything outside the radius of Sweeping winds causing XXX% damage, this effect occurs once every 3 seconds. (can be ideal for someone sporting Deadly Reach or my modified version of Crippling Wave that hits everything around you for every stack)

Tempest Rush Rune: Each hit radiates out from the monk at mobs hit, hitting a maximum of 3 additional targets (slight base damage nerf for this rune)

Blinding Flash Rune: Changes blinding flash to a beacon of light around the monk that has a 20% chance to blind enemies within the beacon for 2 seconds. Can pulse once every X seconds to be adjusted with a pulsing animation possibly? Buff lasts for 45 seconds skill cooldown goes to 30 seconds with a 2 second blind on cast or maybe not.

Exploding Palm Rune : Increases explosion radius by X Enemies at the edge of explosion receive 30% health damage, while enemies within original cone receive the new higher 50% health damage from the exploding mob. Green Explosion graphic (explosion color really should look different for each rune instead of the effect over an enemies head or in addition to)

Mantra of Retribution: increase damage caused by feedback blast, increase chance to stun

Dashing Strike Rune: another option for sustained mobility that is not Fist of Thunder, Thunderclap. After using Dashing Strike spirit generators now teleport the monk to the target for 15 seconds.

My main suggestion to the blizzard developement staff is to just be more open minded in your approach to these unused abilities and skill runes. Stop doing a blanket damage buff to be the only fix. It's somewhat disheartening to see the total lack of a creative approach in making skills more appealing. I love these games (when I can play them) as I am in grad school and work. I've been with you since Orcs and Humans and hope to maintain that level of dedication in the years to come.

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