do u even lift?

on another note..did you guys not see this coming? i mean ive been saying it for months now..melee is not gonna do well in pvp w/o some serious gap closers..
We all knew it was coming. we have several gap closers, but they are all on long cooldowns and take up too much action bar space. We need something spammable like Dashing Strike.

If they would just modify one of the more useless Furious Charge runes and make it into a PVP gap-closing rune, we'd be getting somewhere. Something similar to Tele-port Wormhole. Let us use it for no fury cost, we charge to the destination, and then we have 1 second to charge again before the cooldown begins. Maybe shorten the cooldown from 10 to 6 seconds. This would let us somewhat compete with teleport and double vaults. Something's gotta change and modifying the tons of useless rune's that many of the skills in the game have to be PVP runes is an easy, built in solution.

We also all knew that since we're the only class that starts with zero resources built up that this wasn't going to go well for us. We have to give up yet another passive slot just to get basic resources to begin with. It's bad resource mechanic design.

Not having a stun or CC breaker on a short cooldown like every other class is also incredibly detrimental. We have to rely on a 2 minute cooldown for that. I'm sure many if not the majority of us have PVP'd in WoW at some point, and for years Blizzard had a habit of making characters (see Rogues) rely on long cooldowns to kill anyone in PVP. The long cooldowns were too powerful, and always always netted a kill, but then the character was helpless until they came back up. It was bad design and fortunately they've shortened the cooldowns on all classes in that game to rebalance things.
yeah long time glad here, sold my barb months ago becuz i seen it coming..cant even play wow anymore personally..i think pvp in wow is more broken than d3 atm haha..5.2 hopefully will fix that..idk what they're gonna do about d3 though..needs drastic work..not just minor fixes
Long time Rogue and DK Glad here, too. Honestly, they just need to add more runes to the skills that fill in the holes for each classes' needs. By flagging particularly powerful runes as PVE-only or PVP-only, you can avoid the undesirable situation where PVP changes imbalance PVE and vice versa. New runes could be added to balance out PVP and can be forbidden from PVE.
expansion adding a couple more classes would help too..giving barbs something to kill and creating something that kills dh's

we dont have much diversity atm
I saw this coming, but then again i've never really been a "PvPer". Mostly due because I lack quality gear in order to do anything, plus i've always sucked at PvP haha.

Anyways, I do find it disappointing that barbs aren't capable of doing much of anything unless we can get a rend out on someone who's too close to us. But who knows, maybe after a lot of testing, someone will find a suitable method of PvP for barbs, either that or maybe blizzard will balance things "somehow" and stop making PvP a one-shot fest.

I have not been on PTR to test PvP myself, but i've seen enough livestreaming of barbs getting smashed, with the occasional rend like I mentioned above. It's hard for a barb to do anything when we're the only class that starts out with no resource.

As for adding other classes to the game, I really do miss Paladin and Necromancer from D2, I wish they would add those classes. Personally preference really.
As far as the old classes go...

Barb is Barb.
Sorceress is Wiz.
Paladin was rolled into the Monk.
Necro was rolled into the Witch Doctor.
Amazon was split-rolled into the Monk and Demon Hunter.
Druid was split-rolled into the Wizard and Witch Doctor.
Assassin was split-rolled into the Monk and Demon Hunter.

I suspect any additional classes in the expansion will be brand new creations. I did thematically enjoy the Necro more than I enjoy the theme of the Witch Doctor.
oh..just gonna throw this out there..am i the only person that misses being able to see peoples location on the map in pvp like in d2?
Wait... Diablo 3 pvp actually means something????? I must have not gotten the memo... Cuz last I checked.... It meant jack !@#$.
7.5k WoW achieves? pls go

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