Run diablo 3 setup without admin permission?

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I'm looking for some help. My macbook was given to my by my work and the account they set up for me was set up so that I needed someone else to type in an admin username and password to install any new programs in the Applications folder.

I have installed other games on my laptop without using an admin account by running the installer and then moving the folder to the desktop instead of the Applications folder like installers usually suggest.

Every time I run the Diablo 3 Setup Application that I downloaded from Blizzard it first asks for a username and password before it even allows me to choose where to install it.

I got one of my colleagues who has permission to install things to type in the password but the internet connection at work was blocking the downloading ports and the install failed. Trouble is his password only works when the machine is connected the work's network so I couldn't have him type it in on a different network that wasn't blocking any of blizzard's sites, and my colleague didn't have permission to edit the internet filter.

If anyone knows how I could run the installer without needing admin permission I would appreciate any hints. Or if anyone knew of a site that had the basic Diablo 3 directory for download as a zip file this might also work.

Thanks for your time and help.

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