Any fix for the crazy graphic lag on rakkis??

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I know a ton of people that have this issue but then again some dont, is there any sure fire way to help fix this? I tried a few differnet trick and one that did help was modifying a part of the diablo file to prioritize the graphics card for the game, i read it somewhere on this forum and it did help but i still have the issues. I can gernally just play through them but i've been grouping a bit more lately and with groups and more stuff on the screen its WAY worse, basically unplayable, like 1 frame per second.

I have hardware that can launch Nasa space ships in my PC so its not a lack of hardwre. 2GTX 580s in SLI for graphics cards and everything else needed to support it fully.

Any insight or anyone know of any way to help fix t his? I was considering a re-install but would prefer to not doit.

Thanks for any help out there!
bringing this back up, i still have this issue... I didnt have it on the PTR though at all. I know other people have it as well. Can I get some help? I tried reinstalling and updated my Nvidia driver tonight to the latest version. Still no help.

Stinks because its so much worse in public games with full group cause more stuff is going on. And I love playing my public games again!

Give me some darn help here there has to be a reason this is happening to people in these speccific zones!

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